Crying Women #3 – NUWEST NWV-298

31 Jul

year: 1999; time: 29 minutes;

More tears and bare bottoms; Vanna spanks two older women, not from the usual model-stable. Lee occasionally commented on film and in print that he received frquent requests from women who wanted to experience a spanking, either for film or in private. The informality and seeming institutional simplicity of the Nu West operation probably suggested to the randy female it was a place where she could experiment.

‘Allison’s’ spanking is underway. ‘Marie’ cowers on a couch awaiting her turn.  Vanna is using a leather sole, impressive full swings ring out. Skirt up, pantyhose down, no panties. Tears from this mature short-haired blonde.

Marie takes her place; Allison sits gingerly on the couch and whimpers. Same spanking procedure leading to bare skin. Marie gushes with tears and slobbers.

The second segment features NuWest actress Amy, with her brunette helmet of hair and teen face. Ed Lee starts her off OTK and gets tears before her skirt  even comes up. Bare skin–gushing/slobbering.

Lee spanks a big blonde in the next segment–a standard OTK, early years.

In the last segment, Vanna, who absolutely loves this work, spanks a blonde in a school uniform, white satin panties stay in place only for a moment.


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