Daddy’s Friend Spanks Harder – RAVENHILL

31 Jul

F/f; time:  34 minutes

On-line invitation to be spanked; ‘Shelly’s’  parents have advertised for someone to visit and spank her to correct her attitude. A woman sees the post and lets herself into the girl’s house. We shouldn’t ask and just play along, but–suppose 20 people stopped by to spank Shelly?

This is a quality Raven Hill production, outside of the ‘documentary’  format we are most used to.

We see Shelly dressing and undressing, a saucy reddish-brunette who looks like a good spanking might indeed help, in fact, maybe 20 of them. The woman spies on Shelly napping in a scanty little gown, finds a good flat spoon in the kitchen, and bides her time. The woman wakes her  with a hairbrush smack on her very white bottom. Shelly struggles, but seems to accept for the moment that the woman was sent by her parents. She kneels and hangs onto the headboard rungs while she is spanked. “Keep your hands up there. Don’t make me tie you.”

Into the sitting room, over the couch, for the spoon spanking, and a sexy struggle; the woman works off her little nightgown. Shelly is getting into this, but she begins to suspect: “my parents didn’t send you!”

She is marched by the hair into an exercise room, naked. In front of a weight-liifting machine, “Straddle it!” She fastens Shelly’s wrists to the pull-handles and begins a slow spanking with a doubled belt kidney belt, a large leather surface which covers half her bottom, kept full-screen in a lengthy, sexy scene.  we hope you share our fetish for spankings and exercise equipment.

To the shower, the woman soothes her bottom with a hand-held sprayer brush. Shelly curls fetal-like in the water stream as the woman leaves. It would have been interesting, at this point, if Raven Hill had allowed the doorbell to ring.

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