English Beauty – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; time: 18 minutes

Domestic goings-on; actor Michael Dawes at the CalStar dining room table with its Mission chairs and modern art on the wall. We should note here that CalStar has always had a problem with aircraft flight paths. The noise here actually drowns out the anguished cries at one point, but we loved it anyway.

Michael is furious with his blond wife ‘Melanie,’  who can’t do anything right. She is the “worst possible girl to have married.” Well maybe she is, but if she permits what is about to happen, you’d think you could find room for her.

Over the gorgeous table she goes, the oval paddle set to work on her bluejeans. “Pull the jeans down.” [aircraft] She can’t cook, she gives his money away, what’s more, she even shags the boys next door. “I’m going to treat this bottom the way it deserves to be treated.” [aircaft] He pulls down her pants and opens her legs. She is sent to continue the housework, bottom in the breeze.

In a later scene, she is ironing Michael’s clothes, dressed again, dripping contempt and boredom. He enters and is very displeased with her careless work. Shrugging off her excuse she burned her finger, “That is not as sore as your bottom is going to be in a minute….upstairs to the lounge, I am going to beat you.”

The lounge, you knew, holds that white sectional couch. She bends over, removes her skirt, to show a bare bottom and a black thong. He flashes the floppy paddle. “This hurts, remember?” “Yes.” About 25 with this strap–“Ow, that hurts.” [a phone rings on the set] Michael takes her thong down, she kneels on the couch, and he finishes her off with a brief handspanking. She walks out–frontal glimpse tease. No cane today, but Melanie shouldn’t become complacent.

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