The Spanking Court-Erica Scott – ALPINESIERRA

31 Jul

2M/2f; year: 2011; time: 43 minutes

Spanking tongue-in-cheek; more sub rosa CP mirth from this modest California producer–actress ‘Erica Scott,’ who made a series of appearances here, stands in the faux court room, before a judge who sounds like a Philadelphia Phillies fan, arguing her case against a man who has some claim against her. Ms. Scott suspects the words “Spanking Court”  on the official shield on the wall do not suggest she will get a fair hearing.

Surely enough, after brief debate, the vaudevilian judge awards her 200 strokes of the paddle, administered forthwith. She is suitably shocked and led away.

In the punishment room, her accuser gets to use the paddls, and the judge gets to witness. Erica wears blue hospital scrubs, hands over the tie-tie pants, and climbs onto the padded punishment bench. Her male accuser gets to pull down her purple panties, then lays on 200 strokes, which she counts aloud. Partway along, he shifts to a thcker wood paddle. We see the customary white circle-bruises typical for where the wood strikes first. At 160 strokes, he drops his aim to her lower buttocks and thighs, to her very vociferous displeasure.

Halfway through this film, a second penitent, ‘Alex,’ has her day in court, a return visit no less. A young dark blonde. Alex has been protesting on-campus. This earns her 200 with the paddle also, no free- speech around here. In the punishment room, she hands over her orange prison pants, loses her orange panties after she is belted to the trestle, and gets 200 on an already red bottom. Tears drip down.

’Case alternative to depression treatment’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Erica Scott again. She wears the orange jumpsuit and is escorted into the ‘sentencing room’ by a woman. “Remove your pants….100 strokes.” She climbs over the spanking testle without further instruction. The male executioner pulls down her panties. Erica will count out the strokes and begin to show stress at about 35.

’Erica’s Third Followup’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Erica appears before the judge again, discussing the therapy her spankings there have provided her for her depression. The spanking leaves her “blissed out.” The judge will increase the length of the punishment this time, from 125 to 150 strokes (to be completed).

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