Very Best of the Paddle 1 – REALSPANKING

31 Jul

segments; year: 2004; time: 1 hour

‘RealSpanking’ has collected excerpts from the many colorful spankings they have filmed. The paddle, particularly American, has alwyas been the main staple of this Colorado studio, and it is always used with undebatable authenticity.

‘Bridgett’ (3 minutes): the ‘Friday afternoon punishment concept’  at RSI; Michael Masterson takes blond ponytailed Bridgett OTK; the RSI  exercise uniform–shorts, blue top; a hard brief paddling on her shorts; she drops her shorts to display her bare red bottom when she is cornered.

‘Amy’ (8 minutes): A  ponytailed brunette sits for interview with Michael Masterson, paddle in her lap. RSI does this format as well as anyone; we know in a few moments the model will stand and strip naked. Amy will be making scenes for ‘School Swats,’  retaining her jeans in this episode.

Masterson tests some positions–three swats bent over a chair, 3 more in the ‘frisk’  position, and 4 swats grabbing ankles. Afterward, Amy sits nervously , a bit unable to articulate. Postion #3 was the worst. Michael wants to see her”butt,” so she drops her jeans and panties and does a bend-over.

‘Lori’ (3 minutes): A brunette gets paddled at a school desk for no homework. Panties down, angry bruises.

‘Geri’ (5 minutes): Another interview for ‘School Swats.’ Masterson will use the Spencer paddle this time. 10 very hard swats on her overalls. Tears. Pants down, no mistaking the bruises.

‘Jasmine’ (6 minutes): A popular RSI regular–Jasmine sits for her ‘School Swats’ interview with Masterson, who loves to converse with his girls about other spankings they have had. She has made other segments today. “I know your butt is a little sore.” Paddling on her jeans, then pants down for an inspection.

‘Jennifer’ (6 minutes): “Your first time,” says RSI  staff disciplinarian to Jennifer, who must be punished because she has failed to make a smooth transition when she returned to the outside world. This earns the paddle. Over the desk, on her skirt, Dee paddles the hardest of the RSI staff, panties bunched, the more on the bare. Dee paddles in flurries which leaves her girls gasping.

‘Holly and Lori’ (10 minutes): ‘School Swats’ participants; Holly a thin redhead and Lori a substantial brunette. Masterson explains the procedures, then both girls get 10 with the paddle on their jeans. Masterson splits the wood of the thin paddle here, a common occurrence in these RSI films.

‘Jasmine’ (5 minutes): The busy actress again,  in her saucy little cheerleader outfit, excerpted from a longer RSI cheerleader movie, while not quite ‘Debbie Does Dallas,’ should filfill your needs. Jasmine knocks tentatively at Dee’s office. She is scolded for partying, then paddled over the desk with a thick little maple paddle which clearly hurts. Tears, bruises, little red cheerleader panties.

‘Lori’ (4 minutes): Hefty Lori in her RSI gym clothes, paddled by’coach,’ a perspiring gym-coach type. Sniffles.

‘Betty’ (5 minutes): Brunette Betty paddled again by Dee. “How’s your butt feeling? Has it cooled off?…I’m going to use this paddle on you until I think I’m done.” Dee likes the flexibility of an unspecified number of smacks–it makes the victim even more miserable.  “Start counting…louder!…are these tears?”

‘Miss Carstens’ (8 minutes): Masterson paddles this tattooed blonde and breaks TWO paddles. She does strip to just white panties at one point.

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