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Nadia – NUWEST FCV-022

26 Jul

year: 1991; Time: 21 minutes; M/f

Spanking request fulfilled; over the years Ed Lee liked to convince us he fulfilled corporal punishment inquiries from average people. Here, an attractive girl,  but clearly not a Vegas model–he calls her “Ne-dden,” with short hair, a red party dress, and heels, apparently coming “all the way from Denver,” stands a bit self-consciously in the bright lights in front of the cameras, costume makeup, nice try at an amateur scene.

She bends over the back of a straight chair; music plays in the studio. Lee teases her with his dogwhip; he flips up her skirt and begins whipping on her silk panties. She remains tacit; he pulls her panties down to show the marks he has made so far.

Lee takes a seat and directs Nadia to begin undressing, slowly, handing over items on request–blouse and skirt. Down to bra, panties, stockings, and heels, part of the exquisite humiliation . Hands-on-head, more whipping; now she begins to shake. Lee pulls her pants down and makes her twirl and expose herself to us.

She removes her bra and panties, hands them to Lee, and smiles shyly for the camera, acknowledging she is now naked. Lee steps off-screen to lower a rope from the ceiling (the remote control device came later), fastens her wrists, and tightens the strain, not too much, but erotic. “Now we do the part you came for.”

Lee whips hard, mostly on her buttocks, turning them uniform red. Erotic gasps and swaying. Lee explains that he is going to whip her to a climax. For the first time we have seen, he explains how he can use his dogwhip so effectively without cutting his victim (and it would explain how the regular NW actresses can endure their whippings). The whip is made of soft, pliant leather and produces mostly “heat” and redness. And it stings sufficiently that acting is easy. (And it sounds great.)

At the conclusion of the film, Lee suggests his viewers go to Denver to satisfy Nadia’s itch.

Military Training-Leia Ann Woods – FIRMHAND

26 Jul

year: 2013; 8 episodes;

‘A’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Leia reports for her interrogation and stress training. She wears a Nike swoosh sports bra and warmup pants. Bearded actorThomas Cameron greets her, sternly informs her that she will be put under pressure in this training–we know that pressure comes in the form of the palm of the hand on her buttocks.

He takes her OTK on a leather couch for a long handspanking, warmup pants down first, and then her black panties carefully lowered. Cameron concentrates on her lower buttocks and thighs to achieve a uniform rosy sheen. Ms. Woods remains stoic and quiet. Slo-mo repeats.

‘B’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Leia’s stress training continues; she is spanked OTK while she reads aloud from a manual–she must learn to think while being humiliated, He takes her exercise shorts down and continues on her bare cheeks–the thong doesn’t help. Hands-on-chair, he takes her thong down, just to make her more embarrassed. Pants up; more scolding, and some slo-mo. The credits report there were 256 smacks.

‘C’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Stress training with the paddle in front of the firepalce, in the hands of actor Thomas Cameron; 53 smacks, FirmHand reports. Shorts down, bare bottom. At first, Leia screeches, but gets control and remains stoic through a paddling which would float anyone’s boat. The paddle itself is large enough to cover most  of one cheek, so that Leia turns uniform pink before the session ends.

‘D’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Cadet Woods’  interrogation test today involves the hairbrush. Cameron makes her strip to bra and panties in her own bedroom. He uses a small bath-like hairbrush, sharp, snappy whacks, which make Ms. Woods’ eyes bug out at the shock. White bruises.

‘E’ (M/f; 13 minutes): Cameron will whip Woods with a long, thick tawse;  she writes a name in a notebook; he will spank her to the point where she gives up the name. The first round is on the slacks, then it is 5 strokes, hand over a piece of clothing, then 5 more, etc, until Woods gets to that choice between bra and panties, which dilemma she plays with the aplomb you would expect of her, and chooses the panties.

‘F’ (M/f; 6 minutes): Cadet Woods learns the psychology of CP from the business end of a riding crop. this comes after her “failure of yesterday,” breaking under the tawse. Trim and tidy Ms. Woods wears the gray shorts and top seen throughout the series. She will be cropped in series, until she asks herself to pause and remove an item of clothing.

The logic of the procedure is irrelevant; a naked Leia will be the result. She gets cropped, and hands over shorts, top, white panties, and sports bra, before she is proudly, defiantly nude.

‘G’ (M/f; 6 minutes): A stress test with a wood paddle; again Ms. Woods bugs out her eyes when she sees the virtual cricket bat Cameron shows her. Hands-on-mantel, she must request each paddle stroke, on her warmup pants. She is not permitted to make a sound. Her shocked face is fascinating as she struggles to control after each rocking whack. She earns one extra for a little gasp which escaped. Cameron pulls down her pants to see how she made out.

‘H’ (M/f; 10 minutes): Because Cadet Woods became so self-confident that she thought she could paddle another cadet, she is going to pay. Cameron visits her in her bedroom. she wear a purple shorty nightgown. “Drop your panties, bend over the bed.” 12 paddle strokes break her desire to spank others. Slo-mo repeats.

‘K’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Cadet Woods’ spanking/training ends; the films open with a bang, the camera on Ms. Woods’ bottom in closeup. She stands naked at the wall, hands on head.

Inspector Thomas Cameron enters and blindfolds her with a long white sexy sash. He helps her to climb up onto a long harvest table, where she lies naked, face down, for us to contemplate for a moment, while Cameron leaves her to agitate. He creeps back into the room and slashes her bottom with a large tawse.

For the rest of the film, he walks around the table and attacks her buttocks, first with his tawse, then a riding crop. Leia tries to follow his footsteps to anticipate the angle of attack. Her cries of shock and pain make the film. Great shots of a worried face, crushed breasts, fingers gripping table edge.

At the conclusion of the whipping, Cameron helps her up, removes her blindfold, “Congratulations. You have passed your final test.” “Thank you, sir.”

Naughty Nieces – CALSTAR

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 1985; time: 43 minutes

After several years we were able to find part 1 to this film and expand the review. There is still something wrong with the continuity though.

Nieces vs. uncles;  distinguished professorial CalStar regular ‘Reggie,’ (stellar in ‘Mutual Agreement’ and others we have mentioned) as an uncle of two pretty nieces, Sonyia and Samantha, staying with him. He comes home shocked and furious. He has found the girls performing, being spanked naked in a men’s club by one of his friends whose chauffeur was able to pick them up at a very British lawn bowling scene.

The chauffeur brings the girls to the gezzer’s Mercedes. They accept his offer to act like incompetent waitresses ar his club and take spankings for it.  “Be clumsy, so you get your bottoms soundly smacked.” They change into waitress uniforms. Neither girl wears a bra.

After some bar service and trumped-up complaint, the fantasy advances to the spanking stage. The guy wants them bent over a table, skirts up and white panties down. He rips them down himself when they hesitate. He spanks both bare bottoms, both bent over and an unusual standing smacking. Frontal flashes add to the salacious tone of this 80’s film.

The girls’ uncle walks into this scene without surprise, that is, until he sees the two bottoms are that of his nieces.

In part 2, Uncle has jumped his wife Diedre, an older lady (only as compared to the schoolgirls usually populating this space), who we have already been watching strip and bathe, for her failure to supervise the nieces. She is getting a good bare-bottom handspanking and tawsing in their bedroom. This is not unfamiliar to her. And it is an outlet for uncle, after seeing his nieces with pants down.

The nieces return home. Sonjia is a tall short-haired blonde and Samantha a raven brunette. They are confronted. Uncle calls them “common prostitutes.” Up on the couch they go, skirts up, pants down, for “sterner measures—slippers.” But what is this? Their bottoms shock Uncle and Diedre. Seemingly authentic bruise patterns familiar to us observers of the spanking scene. We are guessing the makeup department couldn’t reproduce this, that these girls are recovering from another film performance. A hard and loud slippering, but we don’t see many strokes actually hit.

Both girls are made to strip–nice trim figures, no bras, very young and ladylike. Leisurely look front and back. Their club appearances surely must have been entertaining. The girls kneel for the cane, just two or three firm strokes, markr quickly appearing in a contrasting patterns over the bruises. Their actual spankings are consistent with pre-existing sore bottoms.

Saddle Sore – MOONGLOW

25 Jul

MF/2f; time: 41 minutes;

Bare bottoms,horse barns; horses, barns leather tack gear, pretty bottoms–Hail, Britannia. Sarah Harvey Lewis, who proves here again she can go both ways, as it is said, plays ‘Miss Hampshire,’ a riding mistress. The marvelous Rebekah Jordan plays blond Claudia and has mishandled Hampshire’s horse. No place better than a barn to settle these things.

Claudia takes off some gear and bends over hay bales. Hampshire spanks on her black jopphurs. Claudia pulls them down herself–they are too tight to be peeled down by the spanker. Lovely white panties down soon–nice glimpse between legs. A well-filmed outdoor scene.

Claudia fetches the wood horse saddle frame, the rack to hold saddles. Hampshire leads her by her tether to get her paddles and canes, then whips her in a circle, a spanking version of longeing. [a rooster crows–he likes it too] Claudia bends over a tall fence, pants down, for the riding crop and then must stumble around the stables bare bottom, hobbled by her pants. She is set to work saddle soaping, bare, no real spanking yet, but excellent subjugation and plenty of promise.

“Right over” the saddle for the tawse–Rebekah bends over as well as it can be done. She fetches a huge cane-like crop for Hampshire. Moderate strokes–“Right, we don’t want to do damage, do we?”

Fade. New scene: Claudia shows her father, Sir Robert, what Miss Hampshire has done to her bottom. He confronts Hampshire: “Either you accept the  same treatment or I’ll go to the police.” Hampshire gets a chair, Sir Robert spanks her OTK, pants and thong down, a harder go of it than she gave Claudia. In this state of undress Hampshire is sent back to the tack room for the tawse, which she takes over a bale of hay [the cock likes it again]

Sir Robert has daughter Claudia fetch “exactly the same implements” which were used on her. Mild strokes with the heavy crop. Robert announces “I am going to cane you,”  and Claudia actually knows enough to find it in her father’s car. But Hampshire objects. “It’s not fair. I never used that.”  She takes about 20 strokes, then a “final six” touching toes.

This segment concluded, Hampshire takes a call from the veternarian–the horse is more injured and needs some attention. Now Sir Robert turns on his daughter Claudia and does that evil thing in the aristocracy–he stops her allowance! She begs.

He relents. “I’m going to cane you instead.” “Right over” the straw. Ms. Jordan’s pants down again, about 20 firm strokes, closeups,lines, wheals, sniffiles [and a gaggle of geese roar honking approval]. He apologizes to Hampshire but we win–everybody got spanked.

Art Class-Nicky Montford – SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

25 Jul

M/f; 9 minutes

Actress Nicky Montford, teflon bottom; Short episode, one of many from this brave actress. She has failed her art exam three times and will now be punished to see if that helps. Her instructor bends her over a table and raises her skirt to expose white  panties, then takes them down.

“You’re going to present this bottom to me.” Handspanking and slippering, shown in oblique. Cornered, hands on head.

In a new scene, Nicky must remove all her clothes–tie, blouse, skirt, white bra, and the instructor does the panties honors.”Touch your toes.” 12 strokes of the cane–this actress can really take it. When she is left alone, she sneaks her knickers back on and is caught. “Take them off.”

Touch toes again, long braids and boobs dangle, 12 more strokes. The instructor continues on, with a small thick paddle on her bottom and thighs. Nicky is silent as always.

She is cornered naked, hands-on-head, the lighting so good you can see every freckle. “Not a sound!” Easy for Nicky.

Anatomy of a Paddling – NUWEST NWV-444

25 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

School spankings, American south; vintage; Ed Lee made a number of straight-ahead spanking films recreating institutional school spankings, this one “Memphis 1993.” We’ll run with the fantasy, and maybe it was just our mood, but we found this simple exercise evocative of our own imaginings and very erotic.

NuWest actress ‘Amy,’  a brunette with short ingenue hair, reports to the Principal’s office, “Mr. Lee.” She has been late three times. She tells the receptionist of her violation, and it is the receptionist’s repsonse which pushed us up the erotic scale. “Ooh. that’s not good. There’s a boy in there now.” We hear the squeals from inside. Amy takes a seat to wait, wincing and squirming. Lupus/RigidEast also excels in these secenes of girls waiting their turn, bottoms on the planks, cries coming from behind closed doors.

She is sent in. Lee gives her a long scolding, “I’m so scared,”  she says, and actually pisses her pants. Lee will use the huge paddle, 12 resounding smacks on her slightly wet slacks. She jumps around and rubs in agony at the conclusion.

In the bathroom, she pulls her pants down to survey the damage and displays the large circular bruises we’re accustomed to for large wood paddles.


25 Jul

year: 2003-4; Time: 1 hr, 13 minutes

All about ‘Sarah’; all of her, in 10 episodes from the archives at RealSpankingsInstitute. Actress ‘Sarah,’ from the ‘Punishment Profiles’ series, where RSI persuades girls to come to the Institute voluntarily, for attitude adjustment or to experience the rush of CP.

‘Sarah’ (10 minutes): This delicious blonde claims to be eighteen years old and giggles nervously during her interview, we’d like to imagine because someone has shown her an RSI spanking film. She has never been spanked and thought it might be “fun to do,” she explains in her interview with ‘Dee.’ On direction, she stands and strips naked without embarrassment, always a highlight in these RSI films for us.

Dee starts off naked Sarah with a solid OTK handspanking, then hands-on-chair for a paddle. Then another erotic part of the ‘Profile’  format, the exit interview, done seated, naked, legs clamped together. She dresses on camera, keeping her bottom in our direction when possible. the spankings are repeated from several views.

‘Sarah’ (11 minutes): the blond volunteer one year later, long curly blond hair, no longer a novice. Naked, she is strapped over a table; pained facials, she jumps up, and a break in the strapping suggests she might have broken down. Dee directs her to “look right into the camera.” 

‘Sarah’ (6 minutes): Dee plays Sarah’s guardian. ‘Sarah, are you home?” Sarah has gotten a bad report card and is sent to fetch the strap. Dee always words it this way: “Why don’t you go ahead and get your clothes off?” Naked, kneeling on a chair, “Keep your head up.” 12 crackers with the wide floppy RSI strap–Dee uses full-swings and a follow-through. If you’re an actress working with her, you know you’re having quite a time. Repeated scenes and on-camera slow redressing.

‘Sarah’ (5 minutes): Dee spanks Sarah in her office, in a kneeling position, and rucks up her jersey so her boobs hang down, just because it is fun to do. Strapping on her jeans; pants down to show results. Some of the spanking repeated from different angles.

‘Sarah’ (8 minutes): Sarah at Dee’s desk again, this time as a bouncy adolescent in pigtails, plaid skirt, blouse, sleeveless sweater. She didn’t read the student handbook–her skirt is too short. Over the desk, strapped on her skirt and then white panties. Facial-cam repeats.

‘Sarah’ (9 minutes): Another female from RSI gets Sarah OTK, her bottom arched up for the hard maple paddle. “Look at those cute little panties.” Sarah must stand, the disciplinarian yanks her panties down, hard handspanking and more paddling. Sarah struggles to hold still for this more severe spanking.

‘Sarah’ (9 minutes): Sarah enters the room naked and puts on a bikini. Dee catches her–she hasn’t done her chores. She kneels on the floor and gets the wide floppy strap/paddle, oblique facials, tears on her cheeks.

‘Sarah’ (4 minutes): Another female spanks her in just her black bra and thong. Throughout these episodes, we see the actress is dynamic in any pose.

‘Sarah’ (4 minutes): The same female disciplinariarn returns, in HER bra and panties. Sarah is naked and pushed into the diaper position for the hard wood paddle, lower buttocks and a lot of thigh.

‘Sarah’ (5 minutes): In the last segment, Sarah is back in her school uniform, bent over a table,white panties down for the strap, hands-on-head at the wall, zoom in on her bottom, a fitting conclusion.

Jacque Meets Ed Lee – NUWEST NWV-300

24 Jul

year: 1999; M/f; time: 29 minutes

Bare bottom meets palm of hand; films with this title format purport to represent the first appearance of an actress with Ed Lee, and where he used the interview technique. We’ve reviewed a few and will add more. We always enjoyed Lee’s ironic juxtaposition of an informal chat in a leisure setting, followed by a bare bottom spanking intended to be memorable.

Lee introduces “another Ed Lee interview,” in the blue studio with the conversation setup. ‘Jacque’ (“Jackie,”  he said) will be getting her first spanking. She is young and cute here, her dynamic Barbie-figure not yet in play at NuWest. She wears a striped blouse and mustard pants, “heavy corduroy jeans,” Ed will call them.

Lee tells us Jacque is from New Mexico, wrote a letter to NuWest seeking some experience in the ‘scene.’ She has not had much luck encouraging boyfriends to spank her. A likely story, but she’s come to the right place.

He takes Jacque OTK, “to warm you up.” In spite of those corduroys, the “bubble-butt” we will grow to love is quite evident. Little gasps as he spanks harder. He remarks on her “nice round bottom.”

Back to the interview chairs; “Did that warm you up?” He discusses her childhood spankings. In many films, Lee had a voyeuristic interest in how his girls have been spanked, whether they had to take their pants down, etc.

Back to the spanking chair; Jacque lowers her jeans and Lee praises her “white lace panties.” as he smacks, “Notice the difference?” “Yes.” What is a girl supposed to say?

Back to the interview chairs for more banter, but most important: “Pretty soon, down to business, what everyone wants to see, no panties.”

To the spanking chair, Jacque drops her panties–she is a willing volunteer by now. A flash of a great little mohawk, and there’s that bottom–of a dancer, ice skater, Vegas showgirl. Lee spanks just hard enough and Jacque seems a bit rattled. “A bit shaky, eh?”

Back to the chairs, Lee pulls her panties down and invites the camera to zoom in on her rouged buttocks and he directs moves for obliques; he is just as matter-of-fact as if we were filming a tarpon on a fishing pier.


Women’s World – NUWEST

23 Jul

2F/m;  year: 1982; time: 30 minutes

A man without his pants in this film; he is in a “disciplinsary barracks” hearing his sentence, face full-screen. It will be “the hairbrush and palm on your bare bottom.” Silly, but we’ll go with it.

Two attractive women, wearing the Nu West-issue guard’s outfit, will do the work. The man is taken from his cell, wearing just his jockey shorts, by the two guards into a barren room, where he drops his shorts and is taken OTK for a seven-minute hairbrush spanking. Looks pretty painful to us.

Back to his cell,  then back out for another session–shorts off again,into the frisk position for a dozen or so with a big paddle. The second female guard takes over, and she strikes a little harder.

Back to the cell, then out another time for a ruler spanking.

Another session with a strap, bent over a chair.

The last disciplinary session features the cane. Over 30 from one guard and another dozen from the second guard, the girls getting quite energetic. We keep waiting for one of the girls to reach between his legs for a handful, but they don’t do it.


Maid For Caning – CALSTAR

23 Jul

Year: 2005; time: 48 minutes

Two spanking stories, in a household where corporal punishment is top-of-mind, and the participants know how to do it. In the first segment, ‘Becky,’ an attractive brunette maid, has great authority–she awakes the daughter of the household, blond ‘Beatrice,’ to hustle her along to school. Beatrice is slothful, sassy, and disrespectful.

“Your father has gvien me complete permission to discipline you.” Becky makes a call. Beatrice hears the facts, and we’re ready to begin. In the living room, Beatrice drops her pj bottoms to display leopard panties, and when the maid takes them down–“What are you doing?”

The randy Becky is cornered, pants down, while the maid returns with a load of paddles and canes. Hard slapping with the oval paddle, echoes. Standing, Beatrice knows to hold her pajama top up out of the way. She must turn and face us for a lecture, exposing herself. The floppy leather paddle elicits louder cries.

“I’m going to give you  a caning, what your father expressly asked for.” Beatrice is helpful again, keeping her top raised and her bottom out, all without request. Only 8 strokes, but they are very hard and rather wild. She is sent to dress for school and sobs as she prepares.

 This is a spanking household. The lady of the house returns from a trip with her sister Michelle in tow. Since Michelle is going to stay over for a while, and can assume some of the duties of watching over Beatrice, Becky’s services are terminated.

The sisters chat about married life. Beatrice’s mother admits to her sister her husband spanks her (we’ve seen the implements). Michelle’s ears perk up. “Did you not get turned on?” They have some delicious sister-like chatter about being spanked. Michelle admits: “I’ve experienced it with a boyfriend. It’s quite good.”

The girls decide to experiment. Michelle, trim and compact, with a frosted-blond shag cut,  agrees to go OTK, but they need their jeans down, so she happily stands and does it herself. Sis’ handspanking is mild but sexy. Michelle: “I’m beginning to like this more and more,” her frilly white panties come down–that will help. Sis even suggests that maybe her husband should give Michelle a spanking–he is so good at it and Michelle clearly likes its more than she does.

To the couch, the oval paddle meets the big solid bottom, kept full-screen. There is some gasping and cooing as Sis rubs Michelle’s bottom. She is having her fun. She wooshes the cane. “Bet you’re looking forward to this,hey?”

She begins a long caning sequence–almost 40 strokes are shown, repeats, the worthy bottom full-screen. Michelle gasps. “Go on, do it as hard as Brian did it to you.” Suddenly Sis remembers–Michelle’s erstwhile boyfriend was her husband Brian’s brother. CP is in their DNA.

Michelle will be looking after Beatrice, who is headed for some intersting times.