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Debra Hairbrush Discipline – NUWEST MM-257

16 Aug

F/f; time: 24 minutes

Domme Debra at NuWest, with the hairbrush; the sound of her approaching heels on the tile floor can set a chill in a girl’s heart. Debra phones ‘Christy’ and sternly informs her they will meet at 7:30 PM. Christy is to “waiting,”  which in this film means wearing her school uniform and nose in the corner.

Debra arrives at home–the set is the townhouse NuWest used. Brunette Christy, a little on the heavier side and looking barely legal in her getup, looks very nervous during her scolding. OTK, white panties. Debra remains one of the most hard, relentless, experienced, rhythmic, accurate handspankers on film.  There is a lot of bottom to be dealt with on her lap.

After more cornering and scolding, more OTK. Panties down, now. Debra gets her hairbrush; this portion of the spanking is shorter, because Debra absolutely whales with the beautiful, polished, large-surface long-handled hard wood implement, whose design Ed Lee has extolled over the years.

Mrs. Volcheck Gets the Hairbrush – NUWEST NWV-338

16 Aug

M/f; year: 2006; time: 29 minutes

Amateur spankings from the archives;  a film done by others, in a foreign language, and distributed by NuWest. A man grabs a woman (his wife?), they have a little domestic argument, she tries to soothe his anger with affection, but he is going to calm his fury with the hairbrush.

He takes the buxom brunette OTK, and after some wrestling, spanks her for a very long time on first her flower print dress and then on her bare bottom with a very effective hairbrush. This constitutes the entire film. Surely there were repeats, because no bottom could take this hairbrush for 29 minutes.

Pantyhose Punishment – NUWEST

16 Aug

M/3f; year: 1995; time: 28 minutes

Three whippings at the T-Bar. ‘Linda,’ ‘Mary Margaret,’ and’Katie’ sit stiffly on a bench, facing the T-bar, in the barren NW studio. We will see they are not wearing pants, just tops, pantyhose, and heels. A lithe and kempt young Ed Lee arrives with his whip. The girls have totalled the “company car” on a little jaunt “over to Las Vegas.”

Lee selects curly-haired brunette ‘Linda’  to position first. The T-bar is simply a galvanized pipe ‘T’ about nine inches high on a low light plywood platform, the size and shape of a briefcase. The girl steps on, like a bathroom scale, bends and grabs the pipe. her top rides up to expose her pantyhose bottom. Lee has said in one of his “instructional” films that this is one of his most painful devices and that it must be used with caution. It produces taut buttocks with no fleshy parts to absorb the blows. There are many illustrations of toe-touching and ankle-grabbing producing shocked responses. Leave it to the NW construction dept to manufacture something!

Lee uses a dogwhip, and ‘Linda’ begins squealing when Lee makes it clear that is what we expect to hear from her. The whipping is interrupted by trips to the corner, top rucked up, bottom exposed, then back to the ‘T.’ these position changes lengthen the film, because the whippings must be controlled.

Blond, studious ‘Mary Margaret’ leaves her eyeglasses behind when she rises to assume the position. We counted her lash strokes: 4, break, 11, corner time, 12 more, corner time, 7, break, 10, break, then one of Lee’s closing flurries of 20. Total of about 65 on the pantyhose.

Charming blond Katie takes her turn, in the anchor position in a NW film, as she often does. “Pull your sweater up, bend over and grab the bar.” Lee makes her say, and repeat loudly, “I’m a bad girl and I’m getting whipped on my bottom.” To conclude, the three girls sit silently and gingerly on the bench.



16 Aug

2M/f;  year: 1990; time: 33 minutes

A favorite, a glamorous model in a naughty fantasy; the actor ‘Michael Dawes,’  early in his career, probably earlier than the date shown on the film. He is called “Dick” here, a barrister visiting a men’s hair salon. ‘Gabrielle,’ a delectable 19-year old hair stylist,  botches his shampoo and he storms out. “Where do you get these girls?’ he yells. Gabrielle  is blaise about it, which makes us itch, because we know what’s going to happen to her. Gabrielle is soon in dispute with another customer who she claims groped her. She is just as naughty as she can be and one of the finest candidates we can recall for handing over her panties.

The salon owner is perturbed. A long discussion ensues, a CalStar trademark, and frankly necessary when there is only one bottom to be tended to in the film. We enjoy Gabrielle’s virtually angelic face as she realizes a spanking is coming. “If you want to stay here you have to take corporal punishment.”

She is taken OTK after a nice struggle; pants and panties come down together and we have a lovely leisurely look at a perfect white unblemished bottom on this nifty actress, almost a sort of artistic pastry best admired but not touched. There is a mild handspanking. Then she is bent over the back of a chair, for a mild hairbrushing and strapping. The owner accuses her: “You lied about your qualifications.” Then, infrequent (and we recall, marginally illegal in England) in these videos, she is handcuffed, bare bottom, to the chair, and the handspanking continues.

Some time passes. Garbielle has been left, fastened to the chair, her bottom twitching, for two hours. Barrister Dick has been invited back to have his go at her. He expresses salacious glee, as he always does, without having to act, when he is presented with such charms set in front of him. Gabrielle is appalled. “This is humiliation…you bastards.” We agree–it is, and they are bastards, and it is as it should be. She is released and escorted out, the only reason being to give us a glimpse of her nifty raven bush.

She is taken to another room, bent over a table, tight and perfect, for the serious work of the day. 30 strokes of the cane, to be counted out in the classic British “Thank you, sir”  style.  the strokes are moderate, but the counting prevent repeats, and a mirror placement shows us a pretty face and tossled curly hair in distress. She can’t resist some cute peeks at the camera. And Dick, the caner, in one of his signature moments, finds one of his fetishes. “Do  we have a tear?” Nice fade on a twitching, mildly striped, and perfectly positioned bottom.  You won’t seen too many actresses you’d like to see solidly spanked more than Gabrielle.

Spanking Professor – SHADOWLANE

16 Aug

Year: 2003; M/2f; time: 43 minutes

segments–a professor has a go at his students AND his wife.

‘Incorrigible Coed’: “I’m agog to know why I am here,” says ‘Charlotte,’  played by actress ‘Raven.’ We hope her acting gets better when her pants come off, when she won’t be as alert. Charlotte has been stalking professor ‘Woodward,’ played by actor ‘Steve Fuller.’ She is infatuated, sexy talk, she wants sex with the Prof. for “research purposes,”  she claims.

“Do you want a spanking?” “Of course.” She knowes he spanks his wife and this might be a window for her. OTK, full white panties. “I might be embarrassed if my panties get wet.” Dscussing his spanking his wife: “Too bad it doesn’t take.”

‘Faculty Wife’: Actress ‘Erica Scott’  is the professor’s wife. A moment in praise of this actress, a little older than most of the marketable ingenues, but still confident enough to drop drawers with the best of them. Always an entertaining relectant player.

‘Tracy’  comes home late, has been flirting, lazy, careless, all the things we know in a just world merit a spanking. Woodward takes her OTK, flicks up her tennis dress, and after the appropriate struggle, gets her pants down. He holds her by the hair as he spanks her pink. She shouldn’t be seen bending for any tennis balls for a few days.

Tracy gets up, goes off to strip down. Woodward takes off his shirt and flexes his cane. Tracy returns in white bra and panties, faces her bare-chested and pumped up husband who takes her OTK and then over a hassock, and there follows a long paddling, tawsing, belting, and handspanking. Tracy’s athletic bottom is often full-screen, panties gone.

Tracy is ordered to “lose the personal trainer, get out of the male bridge club, and get a job. “Please, honey,”  she intones during the colorings of her cheeks. She sits naked on his lap, the couple embraces at the end, and Tracy winks our way.


Very Best of the Paddle 2 – REALSPANKINGS

16 Aug

Year: 2003-4; 1 hr, 5 minutes

More excerpts of sharp spankings;

‘Heather and Jasmine (M/2f): From the ‘Friday Punishments’  series. Coach Daniels paddles both girls, shorts and pants down, for not running laps.

‘Camille’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Tall cute brunette in a beret is interviewed by webmaster Michael Masterson, she holds a paddle, and requests to be spanked, to have a school experience recreated. Hands-on-chair, the paddle splits at 11, the replacement Spencer paddle earns gasps.

‘Lori’ (M/f; 6 minutes): Dee brings Lori to the coach; she gets a fast paddling, some on the bare. Tears.

‘Holly’ (MF/f; 6 minutes): Masterson paddles Holly, who objects and has to be restrained by Dee in order to complete the allotted 20.

‘Carrie’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Dee brings blonde Carrie to Daniels for more. She has to drop her pants to show the results so far. Another 10, facials, tears, and a rare frontal glimpse.

‘Jennifer’ (M/f; 5 minutes): An episode from ‘School Swats.’ Brunette Jennifer is interviewed by “guest coach Daniels.” 10 on her jeans, taken down to show results. Turtle tattoos.

‘Lori’ (M/f; 8 minutes): more ‘School Swats’: buxom brunette bends over a chair. Masterson splits another thin wood paddle.

(M/f; 6 minutes): a cute blonde in a classroom with Masterson is prepared for the paddle–Dee arrives, “I’ve been sent to give your a bare bottom paddling….drop  your pants.” Over a  standing knee position, the Spencer paddle brings screams. Sniffles.

‘Jasmine’ (M/f; 5 minutes):  RSI regular Jasmine gets more paddle from Masterson, after just being spanked on another video. On her shorts.

(M/f; 5 minutes): a  brunette receives the most severe paddling we’ve seen in these collections, fast series with several paddles. Tears, mascara runs, telltale circular marks indicate it was a rough session.

‘Jennifer and Jasmine’ (F/2f; 7 minutes): The girls wear their naughty cheerleader outfits, this excerpted from an erotic little film RS made about spanking cheerleaders. The girls were caught drinking and get roasted on their red panties with the hard, smaller maple paddle.


Sticky Fingers – KANE

15 Aug

M/3f; year: 1983; time: 44 minutes

Vintage naughty KANE, and one of the oldest films we have found; very crude hand-lettered graphics;  a husband and wife at the breakfast table;  two young girls, blond ‘Sally’ and a brunette, join them. They seem like nieces or house guests. We’ll see they can’t really control their destinies or their pants.

The husband is missing cash and first accuses his wife, an attractive brunette. Despite claiming her innocence, she agrees to accept a spanking and takes off her robe, then her bra and panties. Naked but for a garter belt and stockings, she’ll trade a spanking for some sex. There follows a playful soft-porn scene of spanking, wrestling, fondling.

The girls return from shopping and admire their purchases. The brunette finds the missing cash in the girls’ bureau drawer. The girls cry when they hear the choice–corporal punishment or move out. They are sent to prepare and return in just white knickers, nothing else. Nudie time, circa 1980’s. Very cute, the girls creeping around in just little knickers to meet their fate.

Blond Sally accepts the first spanking;  the wife holds her, the husband pulls her panties down and gets in a handspanking, full-screen bottom, legs open; OTK with the husband for the slipper, then a body oil  soothing. He is getting a rise out of this.

The brunette gets the same spanking and intentionally flashes a nice frontal when the positions are changed. Two bottoms side-by-side to conclude. The girls are grounded for a week. Will there be any repetitions? The husband and wife head off, hand in hand, sticky.

Crossing the Limit – LONDONVIDEO

15 Aug

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 50 minutes

Five showgirl bottoms;  soft porn actresses Olivia Chase, Ashlee Renee, Star Chandler, Alexis Payne, and Amanda Morrison in a largely irrelevant pursuit of each others’  hindquarters. Impresario Brian Tarsis supposedly directed, but where was he most of the time, and where was that demonic imagination he has?

The girls live together and use corporal punishment to s0rt out their domestic disputes, but no one exactly tears up. Alexis Payne portrays the landlord and collects her late penalties also, once again not impressive. Go to CalStar or Pain4Fem to watch what can happen to a young lady if she skips her rent. We couldn’t determine what the “limits” were, or who crossed them.

Prefects Stripes – MOONGLOW

15 Aug

4M/4f; time: 53 minutes

Spanking all-stars from MOONGLOW, vintage fantasy; 4 male teachers relive last chances to spank students as the law changes; at a pub the four geezer teachers lament the passage of the legality of spanking and caning the girls of their school. Four experienced CP actresses will depict a series of tough punishments, in the faux paneled studio MOONGLOW used and lent out to others for many purposes.

The four girls wait in a row, in their crested blazers and skirts, and will be dealt with one at a time from the four men, more or less ageplay geezers who should have little reason to access a girl’s knickers at this point in life.

Model Catherine Corbett is marched out first and gets the tawse on her white thong and then on the bare. This experienced actress produces some of the great facials in the genre, vintage for us. She was drinking in the pub. “You’re the head girl!”

Actress Sarah Harvey Lewis (Sally Cavender) comes out next and loses her pants over the same table. “Oh, sir.”

The sensational insouciant Dublin O’Brien is next, jacket off. She resists when the don goes for her knickers first thing. She struggles to complete her 15 stroke caning.

And the fourth girl loses her panties in the same way.

Corbett again, with a different man. “cheating this time.” She gets 15 cane strokes and her little thong is of no help. We have noted in other films that Corbett can be spanked harder than most actresses.

Lewis was cheating, but of course “It wasn’t me, sir,” a plea of desperation found frequently in the CP genre, and it always falls on deaf ears. Her tormentor goes for the knickers. “Bare bottom, girl!…they’re coming down.” 15 strokes and she shows her charms when she rubs.

Dublin and the fourth girl are also caned for cheating, the last one before the law changes, maybe.

In yet another pub reminiscence session, while the men muse and recall their canings, Dublin O’Brien comes to their table and hands over a note–a punishment requisition. It’s the last day of the term. She’s been caught smoking, and the ‘Punishment Room’  still functions. They squeeze in one more. The four men together will have a virtually orgiastic time punishing her. (And you have to believe Ms. O’Brien wanted to show her bottom one more time.)

Over the desk, bare bottom; each of the men gives her memorable strokes. “Last man, last caning.”

Wait Till He Gets Home – BRITISHSPANKING

15 Aug

MF/f; time:  23 minutes

Punishment CP actresses, an older ‘Dublin O’Brien’  awaits her “niece.” A blonde in schoolgirl kit walks in, looking like actress ‘Rebekah Jordan.’ “You’re late.”

Dublin takes her OTK, white panties down–the actress keeps her hair off her face. The spanking doesn’t take. Into the corner, pants down. “I’m disgusted with you.” Dublin gets her cane. Bend-over, hands on the couch, for 20 mild strokes. “Thank you very much, auntie, for teaching me a lesson.” Do we believe her?

Uncle Jack is due home at 6 PM. “He wants you in your pajamas.” The blonde knows what that means and begs. Dublin calls Uncle Jack–“She’s waiting here in her pajamas. She knows she’s going to get her bottom thrashed,”  and she whispers a  request from the schoolgirl, “Could she keep her pants on?”

Jack arrives and festivities commence. She has to drop her pj bottoms. “You call that punishment?” he says when he obaerves the marks. We begin with OTK, filmed from a low angle to provide glimpses between her legs. She is scolded and teased before she kneels bare bottom on a stool, bent forward with elbows on the couch. a sexy position and a mild caning.