Black Marks – CALSTAR

1 Aug

M/2f; year: 1991; time: 58 minutes

Politically incorrect spankings, but fun; slightly impolitic in the current era, but a fantasy which still entertains. Two tall, stately and sophisticated black girls, ‘Annette’  and ‘Sharon,’ possessing Waterford crystal British accents, visit ‘Uncle Jimmy,’ a familiar ageplay warrior and bottom fancier, at his estate. Their father served as Jimmy’s batman in the Korean War. Jimmy plays the quintessential dirty-old-uncle and is going to run his house like he always has. People get caned here. The girls are acquainted with spanking from their father.

To their shock, Sharon and Annette are put to work for their two-week visit, in silly Halloween versions of a maid’s and secretary’s outfits. Jimmy checks the girls’ bottoms and shows them the riding crop. Very promising. He’s going to extract his pleasure while he can get it.

Annette as the maid polishes Silver with Brasso, the wrong chemical and a substance unknown to anyone who hasn’t been in the military. First spanking earned. OTK, costume white panties down immediately, soaring bottom, Annette is forced to say, “Will you spank me, Uncle Jimmy, please?” Handspanks and 20 with a slipper, mild so far.

‘Secretary’ Sharon, her teddy-and-garters outfit meant for a stripper’s runway, snuck a swim in the outdoor pool instead of working. Over the table in a sumptuous sunroom for a handspanking. Jimmy unbuttons her top while  he has her pinned down. Some strokes with a rod and a strap. “Give me a kiss and say ‘Thank You, Uncle Jimmy.'”

An outddor scene, the girls are swimming nude in the pool. They are caught. “Well, well.” Both accept a wet-bottom spanking over the dege of the pool. “Uncle Jimmy wins again.”

 Back in the library, the girls have found and are examining Jimmy’s cane and they sample his whisky. Caught again, both girls are bent over for a moderate cropping.

Jimmy annouces the girls’ father returns tomorrow, so he must accelerate his discipline with “our little friend here,”  the cane. “Is this guy for real?” A funny line when spoken in cut-glass British. Sharon is caned first, in front of the fireplace, as it should be. 10 moderate strokes. Jimmy directs her to take off her clothes while he tends to Annette.

Annette takes 10, somewhat harder. Poor blocking prevents us from seeing Sharon in the shot. Now Annette must strip. Naked Sharon returns–10 more. After Annette takes another set of 10, Jimmy observes that “ridges are coming up nicely.”

At the conclusion, the girls tell Jimmy they are forthright that “we won’t be coming back.”

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