Crossing the Threshold – NUWEST NWV-430

1 Aug

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Disciplinarian Anne Bowman will help ‘Diana,’ then-actress and eventual CP film producer Eve Howard, “live out her fantasies.” Eve appears on-screen in a full-length pink bathrobe, a typically functional non-theatrical  piece of wardrobe common at NUWEST.

Eve is interviewed in the barren blue studio. She discusses her childhood spanking fantasies. She steps off-set and returns in a Little Orphan Annie dress which will overturn a few fetishists who like juvenile things. OTK, skirt up, panties down, she yells through a handspanking.

The second fantasy–she got drunk as a teenager and gets a strapping. Adolescent punishment–handspanking, jeans down, all her clothes off–one of the best patches of pubic hair in our collection. Nightgown on, pillows under hips on the bed, doubled belt.

The third fantasy, Eve wants to experience the cane. A faux classroom. Eve in blouse, plaid skirt, black-and-whites. Bend-over chair, panties down, 10 with the cane, slow, pacing, repeated shots.

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