1 Aug

F/2f; time: 40 minutes

Escorts available for spanking;  a woman is on the phone; a client is asking about her girls. “Everything we do is first class…the girls are authentic…” She refers, we presume, to their CP practices.

A blonde and brunette in the ‘house’  undress and put on very naughty maids’ costumes. Cut several times to the Madame on the phone wiith client calls. The girls appear before her in their tawdry duds and she is shocked and angry by this silliness. “This is a serious job…at the rate you’re going I’m going to have to spank you both.” Spanked or sacked.

The blonde ‘Sonjia’  will be spanked first, the second girl, maybe the actress ‘Stephanie,’ will wait outside. Sonjia gets spanked, paddled, and tawsed, taking off her little outfit to be naked but for stockings. The paddle is a new one for us–a leather ping pong-sized surface with a hinge at the handle. a  caning concludes Sonjia’s time–maybe 30 strokes, repeats, over the desk.

a nervous Stephanie is seen listening outside;  in her distress, she squats and tinkles on the floor through her panties.

Stephanie is brought in–“It’s time to deal with the ringleader…why are your knickers wet?”  Panties discarded, she gets the same spanking sequence. 20 cane strokes are shown in a choppy edit, as if some of the positions were to painful.

Sonjia is called back in, still naked. The girls wonder how they will work, with red bottoms. We figure the Madame can market that characteristic and refresh it if it  works.

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