Teacher Spanked and Shamed – SPANKINGSHAME

9 Aug

M/f; time: 48 minutes

Low budget internet films, maybe French, and right in our sweet spot, a combination of spanking and naked humiliation built round a medical theme. We later joined this site and reviewed almost all the films before the site disppeared. As ‘Spanking and Shame’ there are about 10 collections of at least 10 films each.

In a one-room setting, a young woman stands before a ‘Dr. Tom,’in his white smock. The girl is an applicant for a new teacher,  a short-haired brunette, conservaatively dressed in red top, jeans, high heels, her little red handbag over a shoulder, plausibly attired for such an interview and blissful of what might be about to happen, as if she reported to an address written for her on a piece of paper.

Apparently this school district strongly endorses and enforces discipline and uses this ‘doctor’  to initiate, indoctrinate, and even humiliate applicants to ensure they can take  punishment they will be expected to dish out. Great fantasy–how many applicants are on the appointment list and is there  enough tape in the camera to do this right?

In the sparse clinical setting, the teacher hands over her bag and we begin. The doctor visually examines her body, front and back. She is directed to drop her jeans–she pauses in a moment of shocked disbelief before she complies.  Jeans down, full white panties, then jeans up, then down, faster and faster.

The doctor sits on an exercise bench which could double as an exam table and takes the teacher OTK. The spankings are moderate, but the embarrassment and humiliation are increasingly intense. She is ordered to stand and pull down her white pants, up, down, then hands-on-head, fuzzy frontal. The erotic meter registers here for us.

Back OTK, she struggles a bit as the doctor lowers the pants again–he finally removes her jeans and pants, tangled at her ankles. She is headed down a one-way street, struggling sexily on his lap, legs open. She stands again and is directed to take off her top and is now naked and exposed as if for a medical photo. She shudders as the doctor squeezes her breasts and walks his fingers between her legs. She wants that job.

After some cute naked corner moments, it is time for some nude PT. Upper body pushups and back-arching do nice things to her vital parts as she kneels naked. Onto her back, legs up in the diaper position and into a wide ‘V,’ the doctor slaps her inner thighs. Next, she throws her legs over her head, arms spread wide on the floor for balance.Every school district should require this! The doctor squeezes her buttocks like pizza dough.

Our teacher is quite athletic in a bend-over, knees locked, she is capable of putting her palms flat on the floor. Up, down, she gets spanked with a ruler. Next, arms reaching for the sky, she stands on tip-toes. And last, legs spread, 3 feet wide, head low, she can actually touch her elbows to the floor.

The ultimate and most entertaining humiliation:  the doctor sets up and has the teacher squrim and wiggle under a limbo bar, lowered several times, stark naked, on the floor in the harsh light. Not a bad idea for our next party.

Maybe there is a nice sequel when this fully endoctrinated and maybe vengeful young teacher faces her students.

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