A Lesson From Miss Evans – STINGINTHETAIL

13 Aug

F/2f; time: 55 minutes

Nothing like rattan across your bottom to improve spelling. Schoolgirls ‘Jane’  and ‘Louise’  must face ‘Miss Evans,’ for “extra attention.” they call it here. The girls, in jumpers and knee socks, meet Evans, who greets them in cap and gown. Whoever arranged to have dressed this actress must have had to keep a straight face when she walked on-set.

The girls will sit at school desks and walk to a blackboard to spell words, and then pay the price for errors. Our favorite schoolgirls-at-the-blackboard films are found in the salacious ageplay era of early ROUE.

Blond Jane fails at the blackboard first, but brunette Louise gets it right. Evans takes Jane OTK, jumper up, pale blue knickers. Louise can’t spell ‘disgusitng,’ so she goes over Evans’  lap.

We will go through this routine for the rest of the film, except that the spankings become more intense and the knickers disappear. After a while, the paddle appears. The actress playing ‘Louise’ appears genuinely disturbed by the spankings and thus is the most entertaining to watch.

The girls degenerate to the point that they have to give up their jumpers and discard their knickers. they meet the cane bent over the stool, a set of 12, then another six. This film is a weak addition to the schoolgirl genre. The best moment comes when actress ‘Miss Evans’ tries to appear dour in her costume duds.


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