Cheerleader Punishment – REALSPANKINGS

13 Aug

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

REALSPANKINGS does the cheerleader fetish; 6 episodes with RSI  actresses, much better than ‘Debbie Does Dallas.’  and this should satisfy your need to see cheerleaders spanked on their flashy panties or less.

I-RSi’s ‘Dee’ and actresses ‘Katy’  and ‘Jessica.’ The girls were kissing and doing lesbian things. They drop their red panties and are spanked together in the diaper position.

II-Dee will supervise a spanking contest. The naughty cheerleaders will spank each other, the lightest spanker earns the strap from Dee. “This would be much better if you both were completely naked.” Quite true. Viva the RSI girls. The girls exchange strappings, and Dee selects her victims. Everybody gets strapped.

III-The girls call on Dee and are strapped in her sitting room.

IV-Dee in her office. Jessica reports with her list of violations and puts her bottom over the desk.

V-Jessica hasn’t improved. She is strapped again.

VI-Dee visits Jessica in her bedroom, where, in the RSI films, the girls always get the roughest spankings. Jessica is spanked OTK and gets a very large paddle.


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