13 Aug

2M/f; Time: 37 minutes

Bar room spankers; four men in conversation in a shabby little ‘illicit’ bar, where the bartender pours cheap stuff into good bottles in front of his clientele; once again, we have a language barrier with the soundtrack.

In the next scene, in another room, ‘Tomas,’  one of the men at the bar, meets ‘Evicka,’ a blonde wearing a school uniform. We are guessng she is a prostitute and that one of the men at the bar, ‘Steve Q,’ is her pimp and has arranged this little fetiish scene, where Tomas gets to spank a “naughty daughter.” Tomas plays with her and gets her over his knee, dress up, little white panties down. She struggles enough to make the theatre complete. Tomas spanks with a ruler. Evicka’s hair comes loose-she is not the youngest schoolgirl. To conclude this little event, she kneels on a cheese  grater for Tomas.

Back to the bar, blond Evicka comes in and goes off with Steve Q. They begin a long and quite competent sex scene, emphasis on the tush–he is quite impressed and excited by the red bottom Tomas gave her. Steve Q  is HUGE, more than Evicka can suck. Excellent varied positions, including Evicka on top as a most enthusiastic and experienced roughriding cowboy.

Return to the bar: more talk among the men, as if Tomas is making another deal for Evicka. The scene cuts to another spanking episode between the two, where Tomas fondles and undresses her.

After another bar room discussion, back in the bordello bedroom they used before, Steve Q confronts Evicka, who wears a slinky pink leotard. She puts up a fierce struggle which appears more than foreplay. Steve Q gets her leotard off, and straps what bottom he can reach as she squirms.  Did Evicka have an assignation without his consent and this is punishment?

In the final bar room scene, Evicka seems to have taken up with Tomas.

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