Russian Strip Poker – NETTLES

13 Aug


Russian girls lose at cards and have to give it up; typical confusing Nettles, but we always like the voluntary gradual humiliation of strip poker, especially when a spanking comes at the end. We’ve commented on films like this from Nu West, CalStar, and ShadowLane.

Three familiar Nettles actors sit at a table in front of a canvas backdrop. Production budget-$0. Two girls are playing cards with ‘Andre,’ clothes coming off after each short hand. The Eurasian girl is the first to get down to bare facts when her bra comes off. The blonde is next to lose her bra, then her panties on the next hand.

The blonde wants to borrow money from Andre (don’t know why, she has lost and is already naked, but no matter, we enjoy this Russian chaos), but she has to do a bump-and-grind nude dance to get the moeny.

The Eurasian loses her pants next and SHE has to dance.

In a harsh cut, the blonde has been handcuffed and manacled, puts on a maid’s outfit, then scours the floor with a toothbrush while the other girl spanks her. We don’t ask why.

Another disconnected scene, the blonde is tied face up to a tabletop and is getting the clothespins routine.

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