Sandra’s Humiliation – NUWEST

13 Aug

F/f; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes

Actresses ‘Sandra’  and ‘Katie’: Katie in more formal dress here, and not playing any of her ingenue persona. Sandra is on her knees in front of Katie. “I’m sure you’re aware you’re going to be my bitch tonight…take all your clothes off!”

When Sandra is naked, Katie takes her OTK for a nice bottom-high spanking, but Katie’s hands spend most of the time between her legs. “Spread your legs…you’ll learn.”

This little part of the exercises concluded, Sandra is instructed to remove Katie’s shoes and suck her toes, not an enterprise we were much interested in and neither was the cameraman. “I want you to suck each one of my toes as if you were sucking a cock.”

Matters escalate. Katie raises her dress–no panties. Katie arranges herself on the couch for an oral job from Sandra then turns for her buttocks to be kissed. Plenty of interest on the screen here.

“I’m going to take you upstairs and fuck, but give you a couple of enemas first.” Sandra kneels up on the bed; in closeup, Katie inserts a pint-size enema bottle with a small nozzle, a bit harmless, but the scene is protracted and detailed. Sandra has to stand and shuffle from foot to foot uncomfortably until Katie releases her to go to the toilet.

In the final scene, Katie awaits Sandra, wearing a long, thin, lubricated strap-on dildo. She lubricates Sandra’s anus and fucks her slowly in the ass while she kneels, where it is difficult to fake, and then flat on the bed, Sandra bottom-up. Kisses and sighs of completion.

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