College Classics #6 – CALSTAR

14 Aug

F/ 3f;  time: 47 minutes

Schoolgirls vs. domineering female staffer; three girls are up against a surly and commanding female school staff employee, who manifests unusual interest in tormenting, undressing, and disciplining hapless students.

Blond ‘Miss Fenchurch,’ solid, powerful, and dour in appearance, works as a PT instructor. She catches a brunette and blond student skylarking and smoking, a disciplinary offense. The saucy girls object: “You mean spanking?”

Fenchurch means just that and shows the girls an authorizing letter with the girls’ parents. “You cannot humiliate us by removing our underwear.”

The protest is short-lived. the brunette is taken OTK abd puts up a most entertaining squawk and struggle, even before the fun begins. After a brief handspanking on blue knickers, her blond friend gets the same.

Later, the girls meet Fenchurch on the playing fields and are sent jogging, but they run off-campus to  an ice cream parlor, and are soon apprehended by Her Nibs. They are frog-marched back to the classroom. Fenchurch flourishes a martinet. The blonde bends over the table first, which lies low enough to put her bottom high. A long sequence of the martinet on her knickers before Fenchurch drags them down. The brunette takes an extra-long dose of the martinet also.

The cute short-haired blonde must stand against the wall and hand over her skirt and panties. But the blouse she got from the costume department is too long. Fenchurch detects this wardrobe malfunction and tucks it up. “I want to see that bottom of yours.”

Both girls are ordered to finish stripping completely and made to face the camera, arms at their sides. Thick pubic growth puts this film in the early 90’s at least. There follows a playful caning scene where the girls must lean out an open window, heads and shoulders outside, two detached bottoms on the firing line in the room for about a dozen strokes, alternated in groups. A  camera shot from the outside shows two embarrassed bare breasted girls screaming.

A completely separate scene: an attractive brunette in a slinky silk nightie fidgets nervously in a barren cellar-like chamber. In this sexy, intimidating environment, we assume she is waiting to be punished.

Fenchurch arrives, there is a long discussion and scolding, before the girl is finally taken OTK, the slip bunched up to expose most of her bottom.

She must bend over the chair for more, but first the slip must come off. There are snaps in the crotch which she struggles with, before she pulls it over her head. Another lovely body and a full, huge pubic thatch. Totally naked, very erotic in this cold, painted-concrete, harshly lit room, Fenchurch handspanks her again. At the conclusion, while the girl cowers against the wall, Fenchurch flexes a cane, a malicious gleam in her eye in anticipation of the next time.

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