Sandra’s Revenge – NUWEST

14 Aug

year: 2002; F/f; time: 26 minutes

Actresses ‘Sandra’ and ‘Katie’ reverse roles from NuWest’s ‘Sandra’s Humiliation.’ Katie now kneels in front of Sandra, reverting to her youthful appearance, in pigtails and flirty white bra and panties. “You’re going to lick my pussy and my ass, suck my toes, then I’m going to take you upstairs and give you a good fucking, and an enema like you gave me.” And that, folks, is the plot.

Sandra spanks her bare-bottom, then Katie kneels in front of her and does the oral routine. NuWest rarely has the graphic porno angles, but we are fine with that, being as interested in Katie’s little white bottom as Sandra’s contortions. Shoes off, Katie sucks toes,Sandra makes that rampant female porno face.

They move quickly upstairs, another good example of bare buttocks on a flight of stairs. Sandra keeps a finger between Katie’s nates. Katie’s enema with the little bottle is more brief; Sandra has already strapped on the dong. Katie is naked but for white stockings and attracts the camera.

After her toilet trip, she goes cowgirl with Sandra and gradually sits on the dong, inch by inch into her anus. Then up and down for a ride, switch to her getting doggy-fucked by Sandra on the bed. Sandra goes on top of face-down Katie, a little too acrobatic to believe. Katie on her back, legs in a ‘V.’ Just who is getting the revenge here? Zoom in on hickeys on Katie’s neck at the conclusion.

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