Showering With Kordelia – OHHTEEKAY

14 Aug

year: 2007; time: 58 minutes

Spankings and showers go together; a series of ‘idee fixee’ nude shower scenes with B&D/CP actress ‘Kordelia Devonshire,’  spliced in among ‘shoots’ she made.

When we first see Kordelia through the shower stall door, her bottom is already red, and not from hot water.

The first CP scene is in a sitting room, some ineffectual caning and paddling, mostly a celebration of her body.

After another shower interlude, we see K. wrestling and spanking another naked girl, filmed voyeur-style through a doorway, not of note  unless you like naked girls jostling each other.

More shower, then K. being spanked by the site Owner, Cecil B.

Back to the shower, now Kordelia shaves her pubic hair. More spanking–K.  deals with a tattooed brunette, using what looks like a bundle of short canes, a curved strap, and the traditional rattan.

Another shower, then K. giving it up on the couch from yet another disciplinarian with an arsenal–the cane bundle, paddle, flogger, strap, and the palm of his hand. She cries this time and he gets a hug and all he can handle.

The last shower cut–Kordelia converses with the cameraman, while she towels off. She takes a final spanking from a brunette. The written film notes we made as we watched this read: “Silly, but a great ass.”

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