Spanking Good Homes – CONNOISSEUR

14 Aug

MF/3f; time: 56 minutes

Real estate agents and spanking; actress ‘Monica’ shows a house to two girls, who are lesbians and tease and coax each other about affording the purchase price. Left alone, the buxom blonde takes her brunette friend OTK in the empty house, We’re not sure why, but apparently it is conflict resolution between the two of them. Monica returns.

“What’s going on?” Monica sees an opportunity for herself here. She can reduce the purchase price by 7000 pds if…..the name of her firm IS, after all,  “Spanking Good Homes.” Will the girls take a spanking from her? “Oh, my God,”  declare the girls when they see her bag of implements. They get the value of this little dalliance up to 10,000 pds and we begin.

The girls raise their skirts and will be spanked with a paddle, tawse, and cane in various positions.

A male enters: “What’s going on here?” Monica explains the deal she made with the girls. “So you’re pulling that stunt, are you?” She was just gaming the girls so she could get a crack at them. He suggests the girls “have a go” at Monica themselves. First he canes Monica himself, then, why not, he puts the three bottoms in a row and spanks them all. HE’s the property owner. This was worth the 10,000 pds.

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