Vanna, By the Balls – NUWEST

14 Aug

F/m; year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

Six segments of…the title tells it. The film opens with ‘Leon’ (Mr. Ed Lee) being sharply spanked by Vanna, in the standing position, while she squeezes his penis and testicles with her free hand. His gasps sound authentic to us. Vanna, a solid dominating lady by this juncture in her career, switches to a hairbrush and wrings out renewed cries.

Vanna and Jacque march a naked man into a sitting room in the townhouse NW used. Vanna begins a hard handspanking OTK and reaches between his legs, explaining this is the best way to keep a man’s attention. Jacque takes the seat to give him a go. It certainly looks like he too is getting something out of this. Vanna grabs his balls, much more roughly than Jacque. They switch again–Vanna spanks, Jacque grabs. Vanna shows how to grab and spank at the same time–awkward, but the guy can’t move.

Vanna has ‘Leon’  again.  She uses a noose around his balls so she can spank and tug at the same time.

A naked man is tied face down on a gurney NuWest has used. Vanna reaches in, very assured and experienced, to lasso his balls and pull the line tight. Then she whips his bottom with a tawse. [dog barks and a car alarm sounds, but NuWest keeps rolling]

Vanna and Leon (Lee) again in some filler material from one of the above scenes.

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