Crossing the Limit – LONDONVIDEO

15 Aug

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 50 minutes

Five showgirl bottoms;  soft porn actresses Olivia Chase, Ashlee Renee, Star Chandler, Alexis Payne, and Amanda Morrison in a largely irrelevant pursuit of each others’  hindquarters. Impresario Brian Tarsis supposedly directed, but where was he most of the time, and where was that demonic imagination he has?

The girls live together and use corporal punishment to s0rt out their domestic disputes, but no one exactly tears up. Alexis Payne portrays the landlord and collects her late penalties also, once again not impressive. Go to CalStar or Pain4Fem to watch what can happen to a young lady if she skips her rent. We couldn’t determine what the “limits” were, or who crossed them.

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