Prefects Stripes – MOONGLOW

15 Aug

4M/4f; time: 53 minutes

Spanking all-stars from Moonglow, vintage fantasy; 4 male teachers relive last chances to spank students as the laws change; at a pub, the four senior teachers lament the passage of the legality of spanking and caning the girls in their school. Four experienced CP actresses will depict a series of tough punishments, in the faux-paneled studio Moonglow used (and rented out)  for many purposes.

The four girls wait in a row, in their crested school blazers and skirts, and will be dealt with one at a time by the four men, more or less ageplay geezers who should have little rason to access a girl’s knickers.

Actress Monica Corbett is marched in first and gets the tawse on her white thong and then on the bare. This experienced actress produces some of the great facials in the genre. She was drinking in the pub. “You’re the Head Girl!”

actress Sarah Harvey Lewis comes in and loses her pants over the same table. “Oh, sir!”

Glamorous blonde actress Dublin O’Brien is third. She resists when the don goes for her knikcers first thing. Hard tawsing.

And a fourth girl loses her blue panties in the same way.

Back to the pub, the four disciplinarians recall their use of the cane, what they call the “ultimate deterrent.” The four girls’  scenes:

Corbett again, “cheating this time.” She gets 15 cane strokes and her little thong is of no help. We have noted in other films that Corbett can be spanked harder than most actresses.

Lewis was cheating, but “It wasn’t me, sir,” a plea of desperation found frequently in the CP genre, and it always falls on deaf ears. Her tormentor goes for the knickers. “Bare bottom, girl!…they’re coming down.” 15 strokes and she shows her charms when she rubs.

Dublin next, jacket off, struggles to complete her 15-stroke caning.

In yet another pub reminiscence session, while the men recall their canings, Dublin O’Brien comes to their table and hands over a note–a punishment requisition. She’s been caught smoking, and the ‘Punishment Room’  still functions. The four men together will have a virtually orgiastic time punishing her. (And you have to believe Ms. O’Brien wanted to show her bottom one more time.}

Over the desk, bare bottom; each of the men give her memorable strokes. “Last man, last caning.”


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