Sticky Fingers – KANE

15 Aug

M/3f; year: 1983; time: 44 minutes

Vintage naughty KANE, and one of the oldest films we have found; very crude hand-lettered graphics;  a husband and wife at the breakfast table;  two young girls, blond ‘Sally’ and a brunette, join them. They seem like nieces or house guests. We’ll see they can’t really control their destinies or their pants.

The husband is missing cash and first accuses his wife, an attractive brunette. Despite claiming her innocence, she agrees to accept a spanking and takes off her robe, then her bra and panties. Naked but for a garter belt and stockings, she’ll trade a spanking for some sex. There follows a playful soft-porn scene of spanking, wrestling, fondling.

The girls return from shopping and admire their purchases. The brunette finds the missing cash in the girls’ bureau drawer. The girls cry when they hear the choice–corporal punishment or move out. They are sent to prepare and return in just white knickers, nothing else. Nudie time, circa 1980’s. Very cute, the girls creeping around in just little knickers to meet their fate.

Blond Sally accepts the first spanking;  the wife holds her, the husband pulls her panties down and gets in a handspanking, full-screen bottom, legs open; OTK with the husband for the slipper, then a body oil  soothing. He is getting a rise out of this.

The brunette gets the same spanking and intentionally flashes a nice frontal when the positions are changed. Two bottoms side-by-side to conclude. The girls are grounded for a week. Will there be any repetitions? The husband and wife head off, hand in hand, sticky.

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