Debra Hairbrush Discipline – NUWEST MM-257

16 Aug

F/f; time: 24 minutes

Domme Debra at NuWest, with the hairbrush; the sound of her approaching heels on the tile floor can set a chill in a girl’s heart. Debra phones ‘Christy’ and sternly informs her they will meet at 7:30 PM. Christy is to “waiting,”  which in this film means wearing her school uniform and nose in the corner.

Debra arrives at home–the set is the townhouse NuWest used. Brunette Christy, a little on the heavier side and looking barely legal in her getup, looks very nervous during her scolding. OTK, white panties. Debra remains one of the most hard, relentless, experienced, rhythmic, accurate handspankers on film.  There is a lot of bottom to be dealt with on her lap.

After more cornering and scolding, more OTK. Panties down, now. Debra gets her hairbrush; this portion of the spanking is shorter, because Debra absolutely whales with the beautiful, polished, large-surface long-handled hard wood implement, whose design Ed Lee has extolled over the years.

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