Pantyhose Punishment – NUWEST

16 Aug


M/3f; year: 1995; time :28 minutes

Simple perfect little nugget. Unfortunately, the nadir of production values. Three whippings at the T-Bar. ‘Linda,’ ‘Mary Margaret,’ and ‘Katie’ sit stiffly on a bench, facing the T-bar, in the barren NW studio. We will see they are not wearing pants, just tops, pantyhose, and heels. A lithe and kempt young Ed Lee arrives with his whip. The girls have totalled the “company car” on a little jaunt “over to Las Vegas.” 

Lee uses a dog whip, and Linda begins to squeal when he makes it clear this is what he expects to hear from her. The whipping is interrupted by trips to the corner, top rucked up, bottom exposed, then back to the T. These position changes lengthen the film, because this posture is so severe rest is needed.

Blond, studious ‘Mary Margaret’ leaves her eyeglasses behind when she rises to assume the position. We counted her lash strokes: 4, break, 11, corner time, 12 more, corner time, 7, break, 10, break, then one of Lee’s closing flurries of 20. Total of about 65 strokes.

Charming blond Katie takes her turn, in the anchor position in a NW film, as she often does. “Pull your sweater up, bend over and grab the bar.” Lee makes her say, and repeat loudly, “I’m a bad girl and I’m getting whipped on my bottom.” To conclude, the three girls sit silently and gingerly on the bench.

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