16 Aug

2M/f;  year: 1990; time: 33 minutes

A favorite, a glamorous model in a naughty fantasy; the actor ‘Michael Dawes,’  early in his career, probably earlier than the date shown on the film. He is called “Dick” here, a barrister visiting a men’s hair salon. ‘Gabrielle,’ a delectable 19-year old hair stylist,  botches his shampoo and he storms out. “Where do you get these girls?’ he yells. Gabrielle  is blaise about it, which makes us itch, because we know what’s going to happen to her. Gabrielle is soon in dispute with another customer who she claims groped her. She is just as naughty as she can be and one of the finest candidates we can recall for handing over her panties.

The salon owner is perturbed. A long discussion ensues, a CALSTAR trademark, and frankly necessary when there is only one bottom (and an extraordinary example) to be tended to in the film. We enjoy Gabrielle’s virtually angelic face as she realizes a spanking is coming. “If you want to stay here you have to take corporal punishment.”

She is taken OTK after a nice struggle; pants and panties come down together and we have a lovely leisurely look at a perfect white unblemished bottom on this nifty actress, almost a sort of artistic pastry best admired but not touched. There is a mild handspanking. Then she is bent over the back of a chair, for a mild hairbrushing and strapping. The owner accuses her: “You lied about your qualifications.” Then, infrequent (and we recall, marginally illegal in England) in these videos, she is handcuffed, bare bottom, to the chair, and the handspanking continues.

Some time passes. Garbielle has been left, fastened to the chair, her bottom twitching, for two hours. Barrister Dick has been invited back to have his go at her. He expresses salacious glee, as he always does, without having to act, when he is presented with such charms set in front of him. Gabrielle is appalled. “This is humiliation…you bastards.” We agree–it is, and they are bastards, and it is as it should be. She is released and escorted out, the only reason being to give us a glimpse of her nifty raven bush.

She is taken to another room, bent over a table, tight and perfect, for the serious work of the day. 30 strokes of the cane, to be counted out in the classic British “Thank you, sir”  style.  the strokes are moderate, but the counting prevent repeats, and a mirror placement shows us a pretty face and tossled curly hair in distress. She can’t resist some cute peeks at the camera. And Dick, the caner, in one of his signature moments, finds one of his fetishes. “Do  we have a tear?” Nice fade on a twitching, mildly striped, and perfectly positioned bottom.  You won’t seen too many actresses you’d like to see solidly spanked more than Gabrielle.

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