Spanking Professor – SHADOWLANE

16 Aug

Year: 2003; M/2f; time: 43 minutes

segments–a professor has a go at his students AND his wife.

‘Incorrigible Coed’: “I’m agog to know why I am here,” says ‘Charlotte,’  played by actress ‘Raven.’ We hope her acting gets better when her pants come off, when she won’t be as alert. Charlotte has been stalking professor ‘Woodward,’ played by actor ‘Steve Fuller.’ She is infatuated, sexy talk, she wants sex with the Prof. for “research purposes,”  she claims.

“Do you want a spanking?” “Of course.” She knowes he spanks his wife and this might be a window for her. OTK, full white panties. “I might be embarrassed if my panties get wet.” Dscussing his spanking his wife: “Too bad it doesn’t take.”

‘Faculty Wife’: Actress ‘Erica Scott’  is the professor’s wife. A moment in praise of this actress, a little older than most of the marketable ingenues, but still confident enough to drop drawers with the best of them. Always an entertaining relectant player.

‘Tracy’  comes home late, has been flirting, lazy, careless, all the things we know in a just world merit a spanking. Woodward takes her OTK, flicks up her tennis dress, and after the appropriate struggle, gets her pants down. He holds her by the hair as he spanks her pink. She shouldn’t be seen bending for any tennis balls for a few days.

Tracy gets up, goes off to strip down. Woodward takes off his shirt and flexes his cane. Tracy returns in white bra and panties, faces her bare-chested and pumped up husband who takes her OTK and then over a hassock, and there follows a long paddling, tawsing, belting, and handspanking. Tracy’s athletic bottom is often full-screen, panties gone.

Tracy is ordered to “lose the personal trainer, get out of the male bridge club, and get a job. “Please, honey,”  she intones during the colorings of her cheeks. She sits naked on his lap, the couple embraces at the end, and Tracy winks our way.


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