Very Best of the Paddle 2 – REALSPANKINGS

16 Aug

Year: 2003-4; 1 hr, 5 minutes

More excerpts of sharp spankings;

‘Heather and Jasmine (M/2f): From the ‘Friday Punishments’  series. Coach Daniels paddles both girls, shorts and pants down, for not running laps.

‘Camille’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Tall cute brunette in a beret is interviewed by webmaster Michael Masterson, she holds a paddle, and requests to be spanked, to have a school experience recreated. Hands-on-chair, the paddle splits at 11, the replacement Spencer paddle earns gasps.

‘Lori’ (M/f; 6 minutes): Dee brings Lori to the coach; she gets a fast paddling, some on the bare. Tears.

‘Holly’ (MF/f; 6 minutes): Masterson paddles Holly, who objects and has to be restrained by Dee in order to complete the allotted 20.

‘Carrie’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Dee brings blonde Carrie to Daniels for more. She has to drop her pants to show the results so far. Another 10, facials, tears, and a rare frontal glimpse.

‘Jennifer’ (M/f; 5 minutes): An episode from ‘School Swats.’ Brunette Jennifer is interviewed by “guest coach Daniels.” 10 on her jeans, taken down to show results. Turtle tattoos.

‘Lori’ (M/f; 8 minutes): more ‘School Swats’: buxom brunette bends over a chair. Masterson splits another thin wood paddle.

(M/f; 6 minutes): a cute blonde in a classroom with Masterson is prepared for the paddle–Dee arrives, “I’ve been sent to give your a bare bottom paddling….drop  your pants.” Over a  standing knee position, the Spencer paddle brings screams. Sniffles.

‘Jasmine’ (M/f; 5 minutes):  RSI regular Jasmine gets more paddle from Masterson, after just being spanked on another video. On her shorts.

(M/f; 5 minutes): a  brunette receives the most severe paddling we’ve seen in these collections, fast series with several paddles. Tears, mascara runs, telltale circular marks indicate it was a rough session.

‘Jennifer and Jasmine’ (F/2f; 7 minutes): The girls wear their naughty cheerleader outfits, this excerpted from an erotic little film RS made about spanking cheerleaders. The girls were caught drinking and get roasted on their red panties with the hard, smaller maple paddle.


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