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Crossing the Limit – LONDONVIDEO

15 Aug

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 50 minutes

Five showgirl bottoms;  soft porn actresses Olivia Chase, Ashlee Renee, Star Chandler, Alexis Payne, and Amanda Morrison in a largely irrelevant pursuit of each others’  hindquarters. Impresario Brian Tarsis supposedly directed, but where was he most of the time, and where was that demonic imagination he has?

The girls live together and use corporal punishment to s0rt out their domestic disputes, but no one exactly tears up. Alexis Payne portrays the landlord and collects her late penalties also, once again not impressive. Go to CalStar or Pain4Fem to watch what can happen to a young lady if she skips her rent. We couldn’t determine what the “limits” were, or who crossed them.

Prefects Stripes – MOONGLOW

15 Aug

4M/4f; time: 53 minutes

Spanking all-stars from Moonglow, vintage fantasy; 4 male teachers relive last chances to spank students as the laws change; at a pub, the four senior teachers lament the passage of the legality of spanking and caning the girls in their school. Four experienced CP actresses will depict a series of tough punishments, in the faux-paneled studio Moonglow used (and rented out)  for many purposes.

The four girls wait in a row, in their crested school blazers and skirts, and will be dealt with one at a time by the four men, more or less ageplay geezers who should have little rason to access a girl’s knickers.

Actress Monica Corbett is marched in first and gets the tawse on her white thong and then on the bare. This experienced actress produces some of the great facials in the genre. She was drinking in the pub. “You’re the Head Girl!”

actress Sarah Harvey Lewis comes in and loses her pants over the same table. “Oh, sir!”

Glamorous blonde actress Dublin O’Brien is third. She resists when the don goes for her knikcers first thing. Hard tawsing.

And a fourth girl loses her blue panties in the same way.

Back to the pub, the four disciplinarians recall their use of the cane, what they call the “ultimate deterrent.” The four girls’  scenes:

Corbett again, “cheating this time.” She gets 15 cane strokes and her little thong is of no help. We have noted in other films that Corbett can be spanked harder than most actresses.

Lewis was cheating, but “It wasn’t me, sir,” a plea of desperation found frequently in the CP genre, and it always falls on deaf ears. Her tormentor goes for the knickers. “Bare bottom, girl!…they’re coming down.” 15 strokes and she shows her charms when she rubs.

Dublin next, jacket off, struggles to complete her 15-stroke caning.

In yet another pub reminiscence session, while the men recall their canings, Dublin O’Brien comes to their table and hands over a note–a punishment requisition. She’s been caught smoking, and the ‘Punishment Room’  still functions. The four men together will have a virtually orgiastic time punishing her. (And you have to believe Ms. O’Brien wanted to show her bottom one more time.}

Over the desk, bare bottom; each of the men give her memorable strokes. “Last man, last caning.”


Wait Till He Gets Home – BRITISHSPANKING

15 Aug

MF/f; time:  23 minutes

Punishment CP actresses, an older ‘Dublin O’Brien’  awaits her “niece.” A blonde in schoolgirl kit walks in, looking like actress ‘Rebekah Jordan.’ “You’re late.”

Dublin takes her OTK, white panties down–the actress keeps her hair off her face. The spanking doesn’t take. Into the corner, pants down. “I’m disgusted with you.” Dublin gets her cane. Bend-over, hands on the couch, for 20 mild strokes. “Thank you very much, auntie, for teaching me a lesson.” Do we believe her?

Uncle Jack is due home at 6 PM. “He wants you in your pajamas.” The blonde knows what that means and begs. Dublin calls Uncle Jack–“She’s waiting here in her pajamas. She knows she’s going to get her bottom thrashed,”  and she whispers a  request from the schoolgirl, “Could she keep her pants on?”

Jack arrives and festivities commence. She has to drop her pj bottoms. “You call that punishment?” he says when he obaerves the marks. We begin with OTK, filmed from a low angle to provide glimpses between her legs. She is scolded and teased before she kneels bare bottom on a stool, bent forward with elbows on the couch. a sexy position and a mild caning.

Vanna, By the Balls – NUWEST

14 Aug

F/m; year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

Six segments of…the title tells it. The film opens with ‘Leon’ (Mr. Ed Lee) being sharply spanked by Vanna, in the standing position, while she squeezes his penis and testicles with her free hand. His gasps sound authentic to us. Vanna, a solid dominating lady by this juncture in her career, switches to a hairbrush and wrings out renewed cries.

Vanna and Jacque march a naked man into a sitting room in the townhouse NW used. Vanna begins a hard handspanking OTK and reaches between his legs, explaining this is the best way to keep a man’s attention. Jacque takes the seat to give him a go. It certainly looks like he too is getting something out of this. Vanna grabs his balls, much more roughly than Jacque. They switch again–Vanna spanks, Jacque grabs. Vanna shows how to grab and spank at the same time–awkward, but the guy can’t move.

Vanna has ‘Leon’  again.  She uses a noose around his balls so she can spank and tug at the same time.

A naked man is tied face down on a gurney NuWest has used. Vanna reaches in, very assured and experienced, to lasso his balls and pull the line tight. Then she whips his bottom with a tawse. [dog barks and a car alarm sounds, but NuWest keeps rolling]

Vanna and Leon (Lee) again in some filler material from one of the above scenes.

Spanking Good Homes – CONNOISSEUR

14 Aug

MF/3f; time: 56 minutes

Real estate agents and spanking; actress ‘Monica’ shows a house to two girls, who are lesbians and tease and coax each other about affording the purchase price. Left alone, the buxom blonde takes her brunette friend OTK in the empty house, We’re not sure why, but apparently it is conflict resolution between the two of them. Monica returns.

“What’s going on?” Monica sees an opportunity for herself here. She can reduce the purchase price by 7000 pds if…..the name of her firm IS, after all,  “Spanking Good Homes.” Will the girls take a spanking from her? “Oh, my God,”  declare the girls when they see her bag of implements. They get the value of this little dalliance up to 10,000 pds and we begin.

The girls raise their skirts and will be spanked with a paddle, tawse, and cane in various positions.

A male enters: “What’s going on here?” Monica explains the deal she made with the girls. “So you’re pulling that stunt, are you?” She was just gaming the girls so she could get a crack at them. He suggests the girls “have a go” at Monica themselves. First he canes Monica himself, then, why not, he puts the three bottoms in a row and spanks them all. HE’s the property owner. This was worth the 10,000 pds.

American Substitutes in London – KELLYPAYNEPRODUCTIONS

14 Aug

2F/2f; year: 2000; time: 46 minutes

American spankers in hallowed halls; the credits say “filmed on location in London.” and the studio looks in fact like the set ‘Moonglow’ used over and over for schoolgirl attitude adjustment. KP pulls the cameras back to show the set and lighting on this stage.

‘Kelly Payne’  and ‘Daisa’ spank two schoolgirls, ‘Juliette’  and ‘Tracy,’ for smoking in school. Presumably this is all a spoof of the many British films of the girls in plaid skirts caught doing things behind the toolshed. Not much happens here.

The girls are spanked OTK, strapped over a bench, get the sole kneeling on a chair, and are finisihed off with the Spencer paddle, Despite the length, neither girl will have any trouble at the dinner table tonight.

Showering With Kordelia – OHHTEEKAY

14 Aug

year: 2007; time: 58 minutes

Spankings and showers go together; a series of ‘idee fixee’ nude shower scenes with B&D/CP actress ‘Kordelia Devonshire,’  spliced in among ‘shoots’ she made.

When we first see Kordelia through the shower stall door, her bottom is already red, and not from hot water.

The first CP scene is in a sitting room, some ineffectual caning and paddling, mostly a celebration of her body.

After another shower interlude, we see K. wrestling and spanking another naked girl, filmed voyeur-style through a doorway, not of note  unless you like naked girls jostling each other.

More shower, then K. being spanked by the site Owner, Cecil B.

Back to the shower, now Kordelia shaves her pubic hair. More spanking–K.  deals with a tattooed brunette, using what looks like a bundle of short canes, a curved strap, and the traditional rattan.

Another shower, then K. giving it up on the couch from yet another disciplinarian with an arsenal–the cane bundle, paddle, flogger, strap, and the palm of his hand. She cries this time and he gets a hug and all he can handle.

The last shower cut–Kordelia converses with the cameraman, while she towels off. She takes a final spanking from a brunette. The written film notes we made as we watched this read: “Silly, but a great ass.”