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Vanna, By the Balls – NUWEST

14 Aug

F/m; year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

Six segments of…the title tells it. The film opens with ‘Leon’ (Mr. Ed Lee) being sharply spanked by Vanna, in the standing position, while she squeezes his penis and testicles with her free hand. His gasps sound authentic to us. Vanna, a solid dominating lady by this juncture in her career, switches to a hairbrush and wrings out renewed cries.

Vanna and Jacque march a naked man into a sitting room in the townhouse NW used. Vanna begins a hard handspanking OTK and reaches between his legs, explaining this is the best way to keep a man’s attention. Jacque takes the seat to give him a go. It certainly looks like he too is getting something out of this. Vanna grabs his balls, much more roughly than Jacque. They switch again–Vanna spanks, Jacque grabs. Vanna shows how to grab and spank at the same time–awkward, but the guy can’t move.

Vanna has ‘Leon’  again.  She uses a noose around his balls so she can spank and tug at the same time.

A naked man is tied face down on a gurney NuWest has used. Vanna reaches in, very assured and experienced, to lasso his balls and pull the line tight. Then she whips his bottom with a tawse. [dog barks and a car alarm sounds, but NuWest keeps rolling]

Vanna and Leon (Lee) again in some filler material from one of the above scenes.

Spanking Good Homes – CONNOISSEUR

14 Aug

MF/3f; time: 56 minutes

Real estate agents and spanking; actress ‘Monica’ shows a house to two girls, who are lesbians and tease and coax each other about affording the purchase price. Left alone, the buxom blonde takes her brunette friend OTK in the empty house, We’re not sure why, but apparently it is conflict resolution between the two of them. Monica returns.

“What’s going on?” Monica sees an opportunity for herself here. She can reduce the purchase price by 7000 pds if…..the name of her firm IS, after all,  “Spanking Good Homes.” Will the girls take a spanking from her? “Oh, my God,”  declare the girls when they see her bag of implements. They get the value of this little dalliance up to 10,000 pds and we begin.

The girls raise their skirts and will be spanked with a paddle, tawse, and cane in various positions.

A male enters: “What’s going on here?” Monica explains the deal she made with the girls. “So you’re pulling that stunt, are you?” She was just gaming the girls so she could get a crack at them. He suggests the girls “have a go” at Monica themselves. First he canes Monica himself, then, why not, he puts the three bottoms in a row and spanks them all. HE’s the property owner. This was worth the 10,000 pds.

American Substitutes in London – KELLYPAYNEPRODUCTIONS

14 Aug

2F/2f; year: 2000; time: 46 minutes

American spankers in hallowed halls; the credits say “filmed on location in London.” and the studio looks in fact like the set ‘Moonglow’ used over and over for schoolgirl attitude adjustment. KP pulls the cameras back to show the set and lighting on this stage.

‘Kelly Payne’  and ‘Daisa’ spank two schoolgirls, ‘Juliette’  and ‘Tracy,’ for smoking in school. Presumably this is all a spoof of the many British films of the girls in plaid skirts caught doing things behind the toolshed. Not much happens here.

The girls are spanked OTK, strapped over a bench, get the sole kneeling on a chair, and are finisihed off with the Spencer paddle, Despite the length, neither girl will have any trouble at the dinner table tonight.

Showering With Kordelia – OHHTEEKAY

14 Aug

year: 2007; time: 58 minutes

Spankings and showers go together; a series of ‘idee fixee’ nude shower scenes with B&D/CP actress ‘Kordelia Devonshire,’  spliced in among ‘shoots’ she made.

When we first see Kordelia through the shower stall door, her bottom is already red, and not from hot water.

The first CP scene is in a sitting room, some ineffectual caning and paddling, mostly a celebration of her body.

After another shower interlude, we see K. wrestling and spanking another naked girl, filmed voyeur-style through a doorway, not of note  unless you like naked girls jostling each other.

More shower, then K. being spanked by the site Owner, Cecil B.

Back to the shower, now Kordelia shaves her pubic hair. More spanking–K.  deals with a tattooed brunette, using what looks like a bundle of short canes, a curved strap, and the traditional rattan.

Another shower, then K. giving it up on the couch from yet another disciplinarian with an arsenal–the cane bundle, paddle, flogger, strap, and the palm of his hand. She cries this time and he gets a hug and all he can handle.

The last shower cut–Kordelia converses with the cameraman, while she towels off. She takes a final spanking from a brunette. The written film notes we made as we watched this read: “Silly, but a great ass.”

College Classics #6 – CALSTAR

14 Aug

F/ 3f;  time: 47 minutes

Schoolgirls vs. domineering female staffer; three girls are up against a surly and commanding female school staff employee, who manifests unusual interest in tormenting, undressing, and disciplining hapless students.

Blond ‘Miss Fenchurch,’ solid, powerful, and dour in appearance, works as a PT instructor. She catches a brunette and blond student skylarking and smoking, a disciplinary offense. The saucy girls object: “You mean spanking?”

Fenchurch means just that and shows the girls an authorizing letter with the girls’ parents. “You cannot humiliate us by removing our underwear.”

The protest is short-lived. the brunette is taken OTK abd puts up a most entertaining squawk and struggle, even before the fun begins. After a brief handspanking on blue knickers, her blond friend gets the same.

Later, the girls meet Fenchurch on the playing fields and are sent jogging, but they run off-campus to  an ice cream parlor, and are soon apprehended by Her Nibs. They are frog-marched back to the classroom. Fenchurch flourishes a martinet. The blonde bends over the table first, which lies low enough to put her bottom high. A long sequence of the martinet on her knickers before Fenchurch drags them down. The brunette takes an extra-long dose of the martinet also.

The cute short-haired blonde must stand against the wall and hand over her skirt and panties. But the blouse she got from the costume department is too long. Fenchurch detects this wardrobe malfunction and tucks it up. “I want to see that bottom of yours.”

Both girls are ordered to finish stripping completely and made to face the camera, arms at their sides. Thick pubic growth puts this film in the early 90’s at least. There follows a playful caning scene where the girls must lean out an open window, heads and shoulders outside, two detached bottoms on the firing line in the room for about a dozen strokes, alternated in groups. A  camera shot from the outside shows two embarrassed bare breasted girls screaming.

A completely separate scene: an attractive brunette in a slinky silk nightie fidgets nervously in a barren cellar-like chamber. In this sexy, intimidating environment, we assume she is waiting to be punished.

Fenchurch arrives, there is a long discussion and scolding, before the girl is finally taken OTK, the slip bunched up to expose most of her bottom.

She must bend over the chair for more, but first the slip must come off. There are snaps in the crotch which she struggles with, before she pulls it over her head. Another lovely body and a full, huge pubic thatch. Totally naked, very erotic in this cold, painted-concrete, harshly lit room, Fenchurch handspanks her again. At the conclusion, while the girl cowers against the wall, Fenchurch flexes a cane, a malicious gleam in her eye in anticipation of the next time.

Strictly Military Discipline – MISSMARCHMONT

14 Aug

MF/2f; time: 1:02

Three ‘Miss Marchmont’ films, released by ‘Underground Video’ as ‘House of Lords 5.’

‘Admiralty House’ (31 minutes): One of the better uniform costume dramas we have seen. Much attention to detail and some expense incurred to create some authenticity. We will say though that NOTHING we have seen compares to the smirky, spoofing Vida Garman, in her WREN duds, facing her superior officer in ‘Naval Discipline.’

Two WRENS have been court-martialed and are about to be transported from Admiralty House to a correctional facility, but not before  male and female  naval officers will have a go at them. One of the girls overdubs a narration of how these two officers are feared for their little side ventures and unauthorized punishments. A blonde (‘Lucy Bailey’) and a brunette wear cute little sailor suits you wouldn’t associate with a CP fetish–until now. The girls are inspected–front, back, skirts up, bend over, white panties, very correct.

The male Captain, a character identified in some places as ‘Master Kain,’ very harsh and threatening and who we have seen before in other disciplinary settings, turns them over to Leftenant Bryan; she carries a paddle like a swagger stick–they do brief toe-touches (backs to us for the skirt rise) and star jumps. The girls in their little blouses and skirts face the wall, while the leftenant rolls up their skirts to expose panties. “This is nothing compared to what you are going to get in military prison.”

She handspanks Lucy and then the brunette with the oval soft paddle.  before pulling both pants down. “A little warmer now, is it?” She spanks both with a large oval soft paddle. From the captain: “Harder Leftenant, unless you want a taste of this yourself.” Next, she alternates bottoms with a strap. “Make them sing out, Leftenant, roast those cheeks.” The girls’  palms are strapped while they face and grimace at us, keeping their skirts down in front, and the final frisk postion against the wall for “six hard strokes.” Excellent obliques–rosy, shining, swelling bottoms. We watch their bare bottoms as they keep their skirts tucked and go up the palatial staircase to change.

The girls return, spectacularly cute in crisp white blouses, white trousers, and different white WREN caps. The vehicle to take them to the correctional facility is due soon, but there is time to get in a little caning.

Lucy bends over first, a lovely sight, and takes 12 on her trousers from the captain. Same for the brunette. Lucy returns, this time: “Get those trousers down…those too, around yound ankles.” Another  pretty picture in this already mural-walled Great Room. 12 more for Lucy, sweet gasps. The captain: “What do you think of that, Leftenant?”

The brunette is brought out, drops trou, for the same. The captain takes some pleasure in telling the girls they will not enjoy their ride “in the transport, bouncing around.”

The “To be continued” suggests several possibilities. We can travel with the WRENS to the correctional facility, or spiffy Lt. Bryan can receive some insruction.

‘Young Ladies’ Punishment’ (24 minutes): This film is a repackaging of Miss Marchmont’s “Headmistress of Briar Hill,’ which we have already reviewed on this site.

‘Female Officer Disciplined’ (6 minutes): In spite of the title, it is a “Private Clark” who marches in front of the corporal, 10 minutes late. “Rasie your skirt….lower your knickers.”  Bend-over, 12 strokes of the cane, very hard. The girl needs to rest and gather herself after each one. Impressive marks at the conclusion.

Sandra’s Revenge – NUWEST

14 Aug

year: 2002; F/f; time: 26 minutes

Actresses ‘Sandra’ and ‘Katie’ reverse roles from NuWest’s ‘Sandra’s Humiliation.’ Katie now kneels in front of Sandra, reverting to her youthful appearance, in pigtails and flirty white bra and panties. “You’re going to lick my pussy and my ass, suck my toes, then I’m going to take you upstairs and give you a good fucking, and an enema like you gave me.” And that, folks, is the plot.

Sandra spanks her bare-bottom, then Katie kneels in front of her and does the oral routine. NuWest rarely has the graphic porno angles, but we are fine with that, being as interested in Katie’s little white bottom as Sandra’s contortions. Shoes off, Katie sucks toes,Sandra makes that rampant female porno face.

They move quickly upstairs, another good example of bare buttocks on a flight of stairs. Sandra keeps a finger between Katie’s nates. Katie’s enema with the little bottle is more brief; Sandra has already strapped on the dong. Katie is naked but for white stockings and attracts the camera.

After her toilet trip, she goes cowgirl with Sandra and gradually sits on the dong, inch by inch into her anus. Then up and down for a ride, switch to her getting doggy-fucked by Sandra on the bed. Sandra goes on top of face-down Katie, a little too acrobatic to believe. Katie on her back, legs in a ‘V.’ Just who is getting the revenge here? Zoom in on hickeys on Katie’s neck at the conclusion.

Sandra’s Humiliation – NUWEST

13 Aug

F/f; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes

Actresses ‘Sandra’  and ‘Katie’: Katie in more formal dress here, and not playing any of her ingenue persona. Sandra is on her knees in front of Katie. “I’m sure you’re aware you’re going to be my bitch tonight…take all your clothes off!”

When Sandra is naked, Katie takes her OTK for a nice bottom-high spanking, but Katie’s hands spend most of the time between her legs. “Spread your legs…you’ll learn.”

This little part of the exercises concluded, Sandra is instructed to remove Katie’s shoes and suck her toes, not an enterprise we were much interested in and neither was the cameraman. “I want you to suck each one of my toes as if you were sucking a cock.”

Matters escalate. Katie raises her dress–no panties. Katie arranges herself on the couch for an oral job from Sandra then turns for her buttocks to be kissed. Plenty of interest on the screen here.

“I’m going to take you upstairs and fuck, but give you a couple of enemas first.” Sandra kneels up on the bed; in closeup, Katie inserts a pint-size enema bottle with a small nozzle, a bit harmless, but the scene is protracted and detailed. Sandra has to stand and shuffle from foot to foot uncomfortably until Katie releases her to go to the toilet.

In the final scene, Katie awaits Sandra, wearing a long, thin, lubricated strap-on dildo. She lubricates Sandra’s anus and fucks her slowly in the ass while she kneels, where it is difficult to fake, and then flat on the bed, Sandra bottom-up. Kisses and sighs of completion.


13 Aug

2M/f; Time: 37 minutes

Bar room spankers; four men in conversation in a shabby little ‘illicit’ bar, where the bartender pours cheap stuff into good bottles in front of his clientele; once again, we have a language barrier with the soundtrack.

In the next scene, in another room, ‘Tomas,’  one of the men at the bar, meets ‘Evicka,’ a blonde wearing a school uniform. We are guessng she is a prostitute and that one of the men at the bar, ‘Steve Q,’ is her pimp and has arranged this little fetiish scene, where Tomas gets to spank a “naughty daughter.” Tomas plays with her and gets her over his knee, dress up, little white panties down. She struggles enough to make the theatre complete. Tomas spanks with a ruler. Evicka’s hair comes loose-she is not the youngest schoolgirl. To conclude this little event, she kneels on a cheese  grater for Tomas.

Back to the bar, blond Evicka comes in and goes off with Steve Q. They begin a long and quite competent sex scene, emphasis on the tush–he is quite impressed and excited by the red bottom Tomas gave her. Steve Q  is HUGE, more than Evicka can suck. Excellent varied positions, including Evicka on top as a most enthusiastic and experienced roughriding cowboy.

Return to the bar: more talk among the men, as if Tomas is making another deal for Evicka. The scene cuts to another spanking episode between the two, where Tomas fondles and undresses her.

After another bar room discussion, back in the bordello bedroom they used before, Steve Q confronts Evicka, who wears a slinky pink leotard. She puts up a fierce struggle which appears more than foreplay. Steve Q gets her leotard off, and straps what bottom he can reach as she squirms.  Did Evicka have an assignation without his consent and this is punishment?

In the final bar room scene, Evicka seems to have taken up with Tomas.

Cheerleader Punishment – REALSPANKINGS

13 Aug

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

REALSPANKINGS does the cheerleader fetish; 6 episodes with RSI  actresses, much better than ‘Debbie Does Dallas.’  and this should satisfy your need to see cheerleaders spanked on their flashy panties or less.

I-RSi’s ‘Dee’ and actresses ‘Katy’  and ‘Jessica.’ The girls were kissing and doing lesbian things. They drop their red panties and are spanked together in the diaper position.

II-Dee will supervise a spanking contest. The naughty cheerleaders will spank each other, the lightest spanker earns the strap from Dee. “This would be much better if you both were completely naked.” Quite true. Viva the RSI girls. The girls exchange strappings, and Dee selects her victims. Everybody gets strapped.

III-The girls call on Dee and are strapped in her sitting room.

IV-Dee in her office. Jessica reports with her list of violations and puts her bottom over the desk.

V-Jessica hasn’t improved. She is strapped again.

VI-Dee visits Jessica in her bedroom, where, in the RSI films, the girls always get the roughest spankings. Jessica is spanked OTK and gets a very large paddle.