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Debra Whips Michelle – NUWEST FCV-116

26 Sep

F/f; year: 2008 Time: 9 minutes

Debra strips Michelle naked; brunette pageboy Michelle is strung up, arms spread on the semi-dark patio set NW likes to use. Her magnificent breasts are bare. She oblingingly steps out of her skirt as Debra removes it. Her white bikini panties glow in the twilight, before Debra removes them in elegant ceremony. You might pause here and just take in the nude Michelle.

Debra, older and more powerful than ever here, whips her in a short film NuWest described as ‘mini.’ There is no dialogue. At the conclusion, the camera slowly pans whip marks all over Michelle’s back and bottom.

Debra marches her inside the house, as if the girls have additional plans.

Spanked Secretaries II-Janet – STRICTLYENGLISH

26 Sep

M/f; year: 2005; time: 41 minutes

Another boss accesses his employees’  bottoms; a well-shopped theme. Boss ‘Guy’  calls ‘Janet’ at home. “We need to talk…about work.” She invites him over and puts on a scandalous little mini-skirt and blouse to receive him. She is a tall, strikingly cute jet black haired brunette; there is no mistaking the mischievous look in her eye.

Guy arrives, carrying a curious large bag, they talk; her work, her attitude have been deteriorating. She admits she has an angle–she has talked to fellow-employee Antonia, who took a spanking from and has a new relationship with Guy. Janet is intrigued and she will confess when the action starts that she seeks the same attention. There are flashbacks to “Spanked Secretaries I,” Antonia’s experience, here and throughout.

So she wants to be spanked? Guy grabs her OTK; she puts up a sweet feminine struggle, but insists the blinds must be drawn and interrupts things to do it. If we were Guy, this would be a good sign. Back OTK, Guy opens the bag and displays a collection of spanking implements. “You’re not going to use one of those on me? Guy appears to carry his tools with him, like a plumber, so as to be prepared for any eventuality.

He begins spanking, raising her skimpy skirt to find white lace panties. They argue but he stays on the job, mindful that Janet put on this enticing ensemble knowing he was coming over (and maybe knowing about his bag of tricks). Panties down, a bottom just as cute as her face. He uses a slipper then a paddle.

Janet kneels on a hassock, lace pants at her knees, bottom in the breeze, getting the attention she sought. Guy is angry and paddles away–was he supposed to tolerate her incompetence to his company just so she could be spanked? As in all good CP films, Janet keeps her high heels in place throughout. Another tool out of the bag, a long thin soft strap–it snaps and crackles.

Guy urges Janet to kneel on the floor and lie over the hassock to continue the strapping. She obligingly cocks her bare bottom to meet the strokes. Then into the diaper position on the hassock–Guy holds Janet’s legs straight up in the air. So much for the pretext of modesty. He is now using an almond-shaped leather paddle which can cover a lot of skin.

She reaches to hand him a tawse. “Are these fingers of truth getting through to you?” He pauses to get a drink. Janet: “Is it OK to freshen up?” In a powder room she puts on another naughty outfit, and when she reappears, he is waiting with the cane,

She is wholly-owned by now. She drops her panties and touches her toes without a word. Eight strokes of the cane. While in this compromising position, she admits Antonia told her “everything,” which leads us to another flashback to part 1, where Antonia is receiving a handspanking, the paddle, a wicked-looking bathbrush, and the cane.

Back to Janet, and a rousing caning sequence, filmed from at least six different angles. Hands-on-knees, legs locked, bottom prominent, over 40 strokes strokes shown, many repeats, very nice work. Unmistakable angry welts halfway along.

Guy: “I’m very impressed,” Janet: “Can I take more than Antonia?” Guy knows the right answer: “Let’s see.” The last cane stroke is very low–she squeals and jumps up. They decide to go to dinner, but Janet asks for “four more strokes,” which are harder than the others.

“Was I as good as Antonia?” “I think so.” And the evening isn’t over. She still has time to prove her mettle.

Booked For Punishment – CONNOISSEURCP

26 Sep

MF/3f; time: 42 minutes

Two blond schoolgirls are jumped by a blond prefect, played by Kirsten Gould–they have been caught with a stolen book from a nearby bookseller. They deny of course, so we have no discomfort about seeing the punishments commence. The girls are carefully costumed, head-to-toe—blouse, jumper, silk sash, necktie, white knee socks, and high-heeled maryjanes. Conventional uneventful schoolgirl stuff follows.

The prefect, actress  identified here as ‘Kirstyn Gold,’ will spank the girls first–we start with actress ‘Monica’ OTK, pants down quickly, she squawks a lot and squirms her experienced bottom. The second blond student, actress ‘Jadie Reece,’ goes over next. The prefect then straps both girls, bare over the table. As many times as Monica has been spanked for the record, she can still make it look like it hurts.

Jumpers off, just long blouses hiding their modesty, more paddling. Jadie has got a few tattoos only her closest friends would know about. “You’d better both come out with the truth or you’re going to be naked.” At this point, a male school staffer breaks in, an Indian-looking fellow we haven’t seen before. Here is a room of two naked bottoms already and a third to be had, as these plots usually evolve.

The teacher jumps Kirstyn first–she had exceeded her authority. Skirt up, white pants, nice little OTK struggle. He then continues with the spanking and paddling of Monica and Jadie–nothing to see here, the best part being high bottoms on long legs.

The teacher proceeds to cane the girls, and not very well, probably the reason we haven’t seen him before. Four sets of six mild taps for Monica, the last six touching toes. Jadie’s segment–6 over a stool. 14 kneeling on chairs back to back, and six touching toes, with a few extra because she loses count in the excitement.

Whipped at the Cross – NUWEST

26 Sep

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Naked girls at the “X” cross in the NuWest garage/storeroom/studio. NuWest made a number of films in this setting. Although the format was always the same, the squirming victims always entertain. The girls are fastened in the ‘X’ posture, arms and legs spread and fastened, bottoms free enough to twitch and convulse, and of course, stark jaybird naked.

This film contains a series of short whippings, no preliminaries, featuring some of the NuWest regulars. Ed Lee torments the girls and explains he will whip their clear bodies from shoulders to the center of the back, the mid/lower buttocks, and the thighs.

Blondes and brunettes are whipped, some two at a time. Some wear heels, others those cunning little white socks, to deal with those studio floors. Ed uses his Australian dogwhip. The last two girls are Katie and Jacque, screaming naked side by side.

More Nasty Nurses – NUWEST

26 Sep

2F/m; time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee bottoms-up for a continuation of ‘Nasty Nurses.’ This time, ‘Vanna,’ is spanking him in a slightly more complex medical setup–your eye catches the enema trolley. Vanna wears a shorty nurse’s outfit, a little more edgy than the girls in the first film.

After a brief handspanking, Lee kneels up on the gurney, getting ready, in the position for the procedure. He is not shy–his balls hang down. Vanna does the rubber gloves routine and inserts the enema nozzle–we are spared any closeups. Then he has to stand and hold, begging.

In a fade, Vanna has stripped down to bra and panties and wears the same strap-on dildo. NuWest;points out in their literature that this story is unlike any medical treatment you have seen. We would add, if this is taught in nursing school, it is not in the operating theater. She prepares him with a lubed dildo and then gives him an entertaining rogeuring.

Another set, another ‘nurse,’ it might be ‘Karen’  again, and we know she knows what to do. She spanks Lee OTK, his open gown makes him virtually naked. Then she delivers the same enema procedure. In a fade, Karen has also stripped to bra and panties, and does the anal dildo and another rogeuring.

Sent Down-The Return of Miss Parker – REDSTRIPE

25 Sep

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 30 minutes

Conventional schoolgirl fare. Actresses ‘Kara-Jayne and ‘Therese’ play two marginally plausible schoolgirls facing a female supervisor, played by a young ‘Miss Parker.’ When Parker sees Jayne  and Natalie, she sends them home to put on schoolgirl attire. We weren’t clear from the dialogue–maybe the girls were naughty graduates just hanging around. In any case, they are going to pay the price, and you’ve got to have the correct knickers.

They return, wearing the scholastic clothing, creating immediate erotic tension. Brunette Natalie (Therese) goes OTK first, must count out 20 handspanks, then with pants down, 20 more. She bruises immediately, it is blond Jane’s (Kara-Jayne) turn next. She was thoughtful enough (for us) to wear “non-regulation” white pants. She gets sets of 20, with a rapid little coda.

Natalie has been standing at the wall and gets a flurry of smacks for letting her skirt drop. Natalie goes over the desk for a series with the strap on the bare–same for Jane.

Miss Parker lines up the bare bottoms to determine how her equity program is going.

Natalie back over the desk for the cane. Miss Parker is one of those rare enthusiasts who can cane with both hands. Jane follows, each girl gets twelve with good rubbing and closeup scenes.

A FADE to a new caning scene, superfluous, if there is such a possibility. Both girls bend-overs for a half-dozen. At the conclusion, Miss Parker shows them a very heavy cane which will be employed on their next visit.

College Classics #9 – CALSTAR

25 Sep

F/3f; time: 49  minutes

Schoolgirls in trouble. Two goofy girls rifle a school closet, put on Brownie uniforms, and are seen going door-to-door in the neighborhood, cadging money. (One door is opened by actor/producer ‘Michael Dawes,’ who gives the Brownie 5 pds. We hoped he would pull her inside,) This film was once called ‘School Brownies,’ but it is easy to see how the Girl Scouts might not have liked the association. The headmistress receives complaints from the area and catches the girls in costume with wads of money. “Report to my study, immediately!”

In a plausible office/study setting (except maybe the clothes tree festooned with spanking implements), the girls are scolded and their excuses are feeble. The Head positions a decorative Victorian chair and we are ready to go.

The Headmistress herself is a tall, stately, sophisticated blonde in the domme tradition for this era of film, where there was always the possibility that her boss could grab and spank her also. She takes the first girl OTK, a smaller frosted brunette in ponytails. Spanking first on the Brownie skirt before she stands to take it off, displaying white panties. After a moderate handspanking, certainly no cakewalk, she bends over the desk for a long-handled stiffened leather paddle. “Stick that bottom out, out!” The Head takes the knickers down, with a touch of satisfaction. Good crisp paddling.

The second student, a very tall and powerful-looking brunette, looming 6″ taller than the Head, and called ‘Lahnfrench’  later in the film, is taken OTK, but first she drops her Brownie shorts. She is tall enough that both her hands and feet touch the ground when she is over the Head’s lap, and her perfect bottom soars on the Head’s lap like  a large Spring bouquet. In spite of the large target and the amount of work to be done, the spanking is brief and mild. There follows a brief session with the paddle over the desk. The first student sits on a chair bare-bottom to the side, forced to watch the carnage up close.

For some reason we couldn’t detect, they return to the OTK position, camera view over the Head’s shoulder, Lahnfrench’s pants come down slowly. The Head fondles this big, lovely, perfect target. Back over the desk for the paddle again! The small brunette has been mouthing off from her chair, so she finds her bottom over the desk again.

Both girls are ordered to pull off their Brownie sweatshirts; Lahnfrench has sneaked her thong back in place, so it must come off. She stands mostly naked, facing us. The small brunette is caned on the palms, her fuzzy Mohawk fully in view while her palm occupies the screen. Somehow, she whispers ad lib, “No more!” loud enough for the Head to play on it. “No more? Bend over, you’re getting it on the bare bottom.” 25 cane strokes, moderately hard snappy shots with a long thin cane, are shown from various angles. Wheals and welts develop.

Lahnfrench is next for the cane, but first she must toss away her non-regulation  push-up  black bra. She pops out of position laughing nervously at the first stroke over the desk, apparently surprised at how much it hurt, then regains control and apologizes to the film crew and gets back over the desk. The Head laughs and checks with the director to see if it is OK to continue after this break, then she completes 12 strokes. Good facials and boobs hanging, Lahnfrench is finished with her session and runs off-screen naked, showing us everything. The choppiness of her session probably indicates she wasn’t so  easy to spank.

FADE to a new story. ‘Karen,’  a tall brunette, is drinking Biccardi rum from the bottle and gorging on junk food. The Brownie-spanking Headmistress has left school and drives home (an actual outdoor scene). She finds the messy kitchen, and Karen drunk, in her shorty nightgown. Karen is a relative or the daughter of a friend staying with the Head.

The Head is upset and she has had a “busy day.” We know that, but she must muster the strength to spank yet another young lady’s bottom before she herself can turn to the rum. Karen is soon OTK and getting a thorough and hard handspanking.

“I think we’re going to have a bare bottom.” She takes Karen’s shorts down. “I think I’m going to be sick,” Karen mutters. She twitches her very red bare tush full screen, very nice. There can be no doubt this headmistress relishes the task of peeling down knickers.

Karen must lean over the sink. The scene setup is shot from the garden outside. English cottage windows. The Head fetches her ‘slipper,’ and roughly strips off the rest of Karen’s clothes–her nightie top and bra. She gets a hard slippering, her head down and cries echoing in the sink bowl. At the conclusion, the Head yanks her around to face the camera fully naked, a nicely grown up young lady.

Nasty Nurses – NUWEST FD-216

25 Sep

2F/m; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Ed Lee on the receiving end, to put it kindly; Lee is bent over a hospital gurney, his shorty nightgown open, his ass on display–forgive us, his bony ass. Actresses ‘Joanne’  and ‘Karen’ circle him, wearing detailed nurse’s uniforms, very erotic. They smack his ass and keep on scolding.

Lee is sent to kneel in the corner while the girls sit and chat about their next move. Lee returns to the table, and this time the girls use straps. This is fatiguing work, the girls are hot, so they strip off their uniforms and seem to have forgotten underwear today. Two statuesque nude women with bikini tans will keep your attention clicking from one to the other.

Karen climbs up, lies on the table, spreads her legs, and positions herself for an oral job from Lee, while Joanne lubes his anus and goes to work with a dildo. In a bit, the girls switch. Joanne spreads her knees for servicing while Karen re-lubes and goes one step further with a strap-on dildo, a realistic tool, not a Halloween monster. She fucks him hard, as he moans and redoubles his attentions to Joanne.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Peters – XEROTICS

25 Sep

M/4f; time: 48 minutes

School teacher and a parade of bottoms; here would be an example of a guy having just about as much fun as it would be possible to have. Mr. Peters runs some sort of school or home, where he has charge of gorgeous girls. The film opens with Christmas music and graphics, and is set in a holiday-decorated residence, already a fiscal extravagance infrequent in spanking films.

The girls report to Peters, dressed in innocent nighties. Dynamic cast- Dublin O’Brien, Elizabeth Simpson, Kara Jayne Dempsey,  and a fourth Despite the gaiety of the scene, they are glum and withdrawn, apparently expecting what we are hoping will happen. Peters lectures them–“a new year, a new start, new rules.” They avert their eyes. He shows them gifts they may open Christmas morning, then leaves them. They cluster quickly around the gifts, a glamorous shorty pajama party of bare shoulders, long legs, and bare feet.

Peters returns, sees the gifts have been tampered with, and since “I have full authority from your guardians,” he decides this will be a festive Christmas Eve. He will decorate a few bottoms. He begins a long CP  session with all four girls.

‘Sutton.’ with long waist-length blond hair, is taken OTK, her red nightie thrown up and her white panties taken down immediately. She does not protest–both seem familiar with each other and the spanking procedure. The other three girls watch a mild spanking, before Sutton is directed to pull off her nightie and stand naked against the wall. ‘Parker’ (actress Dublin O’Brien) is called out next, hands-on-couch, T-shirt up, black pants down. A mild handspanking while standing. Peters is displeased with her tattoos.

Peters orders the two remaining girls still dressed to drop their pants while they wait, showing some vintage fuzz. There are spanking implements all over the room, tucked here and there, Earlier in the punishment sequence than we are accustomed to, Peters will cane Parker. She gets 10 strokes.

The remaining two girls are brought forward, pants at their ankles, hands-on-couch, cute bare feet. A  red paddle first for ‘Simpson’ (brunette actress Elizabeth Simpson), the same for a cunning little blonde in pigtails–“legs apart, on your tiptoes,” Then the cane for this pair–5 for Pigtails, 8 for Simpson, then 5 more for the blonde.

Sutton, who is standing by totally naked but for white athletic socks, returns, over the couch. “Legs wide apart,” for 10 with the cane. She wears white socks as well as one can, and with this video, we add just-white-socks to our favorite naked spanking costumes. Parker back to the couch–you know these girls are experienced because she raises her T-shirt to clear her bottom without prompting–the tawse and the paddle.

Peters lines up the bare bottoms along the couch and alternates along the rows with a paddle; very cute scene. Slow camera pan of mass pink skin. The girls hang together and won’t tell him who opened the gifts. The cameo-like filming of the four naked girls milling around on the set was very erotic for us.

Peters announces the girls will draw straws for further punishment. Naked Sutton is taken to the couch for 10 fast cane strokes, then the same for Parker and Simpson.

Simpson is the first girl to take the diaper position on the floor. She gets paddled, very sexy. Sutton is on her back next. She is so light and nifty, Peters can hold her legs up with one  hand while he paddles with the other. The pigtailed Walker is taken next. She forgot to take off her wedding ring for the shoot. Hope she gets a jolly good rogeuring when she gets home and shows her pink bottom. (“How was your day, honey?”) Peters joyfully proclaims: “Christmas with Mr. Peters!”

Parker (Ms. O’Brien) has been in this situation lots of times. She throws her legs over her head onto the couch. Four wonderful bottoms, all over the place! Festivities conclude.

About four minutes of out-takes are included, flubbed lines, etc. The naked girls are relaxed of course, except Dublin keeps tugging her jersey down to cover her modesty as she moves from place to place.

Whacked at Work – MOONGLOW

25 Sep

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

More bare bottoms in the workplace; “Somewhere in Middle England” the screen graphic advises us, in this inexpensive early Moonglow production, where they moved furniture out of the way, threw up a cloth for a backdrop, found a story to pull down a girl’s knickers, and went to it.

An older guy (‘Uncle’) narrates this “cautionary tale” about two undisciplined girls, “school-leavers” he calls them, who can’t be controlled by his nephew ‘James Harper.’ Fade to:

James greets the girls, smoky blond ‘Susan’ (actress ‘Elena’) and brunette ‘Mary.’ They are late, smoking, and not all that attentive. Susan wears slacks and a top tied to bare her midriff and Mary wears a leopard top. Cleavage from both girls. Both are warned. James advises his uncle of his pending human resources issue and mentions he thought “younger girls were cheaper.” Uncle is insistent: “Spank them!”

The next day the girls are late again, and in Moonglow budget style, in the same clothes! “You haven’t done anything about your clothing.” After a brief explanation about the spanking procedure and the normal perfunctory shock, Susan goes OTK, then Mary. “I haven’t done anything.” They are sent back to work. Susan whispers she liked being spanked.

Uncle Bob explains to James how to spank–firm, hard, jeans down, panties down, implements, and the cane as the “final deterrent,”

“And So the Next Day”: the screen says; the girls are late again and still haven’t changed clothes. Susan will be spanked first, new procedures–OTK, she drops her own jeans, dark panties. Over a chair, for a heavy tawse. Harper pulls her knickers down–“I don’t think  that’s fair, sir.” Leather paddle, Slo-mo repeats.

Mary gets the same steps. Harper fondles and scratches a bit too much for this to be just discipline. She can bend over and touch toes with an athlete’s skill.

“Friday Morning”: The girls have dresses on, but sexy and low-cut. Mary puts salt in Harper’s coffee.

“5 PM”: The canes are laid out for the climax. The girls are offered a choice–rattan on the bare bottom or be fired. Susan makes the right choice and goes over the desk, dress up–naughty, naughty. she didn’t wear panties, hoping for this. About a dozen strokes, sniffles. Harper is busy with his fingers. He makes her lie lengthwise on the desk, Russian style, for 15 more. “I want to go now,” she says. “You’re only halfway through.” She kneels up on the desk, head low, bottom high, one of the great postures, for almost 20 more. Repeats. Strokes on the thighs.

Mary’s turn. Over the desk, she wore a thong today. A dozen, then up on the table. Kneeling on the wood, Harper removes the thong. 15 more. She asks, “A nice rub, Mr. Harper.”

The girls are released. Mary jumps Susan, who caused all this with the salt stunt. Mary gives Susan another dozen with the cane, before they hug. We know the girls loved it all.