That’ll Teach Her – OHHTEEKAY

3 Sep

F/f; time: 43 minutes

Actress Emma Brown and Miss Gillian-Lancer in a schoolgirl scenario. Emma is caught smoking in the woods when she was supposed to be exercising. After a scolding, she is sent jogging back to the school, with an obligation to report to Lancer at 6 PM, in “full uniform,”  which is never good news when you go to her after hours.

Emma reports in the wrong uniform, which results in another long scolding. There is always a lot of talk in these Ohhteekay dramas, not terrible here, because Ms. Brown provides eye candy and we have assurances we will see more  of her. “Let’s have that skirt off…hands on your head.”’you’ve lost a little of your strut.” OTK, the handspanking finally begins 11 minutes into the film. Over a chair for the ‘slipper,’ a tennis shoe. “Can you touch you toes to finish the first installment?” Emma has to fight back a smile a few times at the corny lines. A good hard crack across the bottom usually eliminates the chance of that in most films.

After a break, Emma is taken OTK and her knickers finally come down. Lancer is very insistent Emma lie just-so to keep her weight off her. Handspanking and slipper, Emma’s tattoo front and center.

In the next scene, Emma returns in the proper uniform. This time it won’t be that ineffective slipper. “Have you had the cane?” “No, miss.” Skirt off, maroon panties, a warmup handspanking. The caning begins, bent fully over a school desk, 6 on her knickers, then 8 more on the bare—Lancer gets the panties just right. Emma needs a break, then 15 more on the bare. Zoom in on the welts.

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