Art Canvas Caning – CALSTAR

5 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2006; time: 51 minutes

American spanking; two girls work at an art gallery, where ‘Nik’ and his companion ‘Jody’ return a painting, which turned out to be a clever copy. This is fraud! Of course the girls begin to scramble to avoid prosecution. “We’ll do whatever you want. Just  don’t take our paintings.”  “This is a felony offense!”

The couple presents a briefcase for the girls to open. When they do, “Oh, my God.” It is filled with spanking implements. The girls strip down to bra and skirts while Jody arranges the “tools’ they cleverly planned ahead to bring, about 15 of them, on a table, like surgical instruments.

Both girls bend over the table, a brunette and a redhead. Nik and Jody spank them simultaneously, skirts up. “Are you sure you don’t want us to call the police?” The spankings are silly so far. A crop, a paddle. “Stick it out, arch your backs, more.” A thin strap, some slaps on the palm. Jody brings canes from the car—they could hardly have walked in with those. The brunette is taken OTK while Jody paddles the blonde.

Panties gone, both girls crying—silly. Spanking and paddling, various positions, the only amusement here is when Nik uses fingernails to caress the brunette.

To the mantelpiece, Nik unsnaps both bras. “Come on, get your clothes off.” The girls are strapped and embrace, presenting both bottoms for Nik to circle. Jody takes down a rugbeater we saw on the wall. The girls kneel on the floor, over top of each other for the rugbeater and the strap. A lot of boobs and butts but not much sizzle. Odd positioning populates American films.

Cane time. Woosh woosh. Two sweet bend-overs at the fireplace. Each girl gets about 10 strokes of the cane, including some thigh shots. Nik torments with the cane, so neither girl knows who is next. The brunette is gagged with her panties. “There you go, bite your panties.” Good idea. The brunette looks like she is really crying. Nilk is getting his rocks off, or ready to come off.

To conclude, Nik grabs and pinches handfuls of buttock. We assume he doesn’t have far to drive with his ladyfriend.


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