College Classics #1 – CALSTAR

5 Sep

M/2f; time:  36 minutes; early 1990’s.

British porn actress Vida Garman’s first spanking appearance, they tell us; seems later and she is quite brassy here, but if it was, she polished an impish ingénue persona in later performances, but her acting is perfect here. There is no dispute about, and no changes are needed, for her glorious bottom, though. In fact, we have no dispute at all about much of anything. We submit you see more of her here than any other of her CP work.

College Classics is a schoolgirl series, this first one the most simple of plots. Two girls, ‘French’ (Vida) and ‘Barnes,’ have earned corporal punishment for school offenses.

The dashing French is first for OTK. She wears a spiffy white blouse and wrap-around skirt. The schoolmaster disciplinarian has her skirt up and white pants down in short order. He seems surprised by the spectacular sight. The handspanking is mild and French is amused. Barnes, a lovely redhead, goes OTK next. Her blue skirt and pants are removed for the same warmup.

The Master is not satisfied with some ineffectual exercises and orders the girls to strip completely for some nude PT. “Do we have to? Everything?” Yes, of course, girls. This is show business. These reluctant undressing scenes are an important part in all the College Classics. Both girls have beautiful bodies, and the extraordinary Vida shows why her assets were so much noted in years to come. She appears to have a full body tan, versus the pale Barnes, and she is comfortably playful in the nude–and oh, so spankable. The camera circles 360 degrees as we watch–running in place, jumping jacks, and toe touching.

The Master urges them on with a short strap. Then they form the ‘lunge’ position bridge, on fingers and toes, bottoms arched, for a long session, including a dose of the strap, from which they wiggle and twist, most appealingly. All lovely, and revealing, especially the perky and giddy Vida. The camera loves Barnes’ nipples, which are as excited as we are. Barnes’ Irish bottom is blotchy red; French is still all tan. Both girls are directed to dress and report back tomorrow for the cane.

Next day, before the time of their appointment, French is caught with something in her locker. She conceals it on her person (and some person it is!). When the girls are marched in for their caning, the Master jostles French in search of the contraband and must put his hand down the front of her pantyhose, and Voila! cigarettes.

Barnes is first for the cane, while smirky French looks on. He takes her skirt and pants down himself this time and, perfectly positioned and filmed over a table, he first paddles her with a round leather studded affair. Next, it’s the five-fingered tawse. Barnes does some cute suffering, twitching, and bending. Then she gets twelve nice cane strokes on that pale Irish skin.

French is next for the table. She takes down her own skirt and pantyhose, always a joy to see this actress defiantly undress in preparation for her medicine. Seven from the paddle, at least 20 from the tawse, then the 12 cane strokes, interspersed with a nice little struggle to keep her hands from shielding her bottom—one of the best in the industry, highlighted by a saucy demeanor. And there’s one of her trademark facial closeups of startlingly green eyes. A long review, to be sure, but it’s Vida’s first spanking.

2 Responses to “College Classics #1 – CALSTAR”

  1. joseph hadley April 23, 2022 at 7:21 am #

    who is the other girl in this with vida garman, i know she appeared for fiona cooper called april, in various magazines as tracey & erin McAlister for larry caye the latent image

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