5 Sep

M/f; time: 25 minutes

‘Dallas’  spends 25 minutes attending to a bottom you won’t forget easily. ‘Gia’  is being spanked bare-skin on the leather couch. Her buttocks soar on his lap. She has been caught hacking the school computers. “It’s going to be a long evening for you.”

The next position is hands-on-couch for a wide tawse-like strap. Little screams with each stroke. There is never much talk or delay in a DSH film. She kneels on the floor for the next strap. Her buttocks are taking on an even red glow, the squarish strap marks having merged. He flogs her vertically and horizontally. “Oh, God,”  she mutters.

She returns, stretched long over the couch for more strap, a position which permits an oblique to catch the face and the sudden foothills of her bottom together.

Then the door position we have seen DSH use, here Gia reaches up to hang onto a rack, which firms up her bottom and tightens her thighs. Dallas uses a medium sized Spencer paddle, almost 50 strokes. Gia cries out on the first one. She sneaked him a smile as she positioned herself.

Schoolgirl style, she must kneel, hands-on-head for an hour, closeups of a multi-red bruised target. At least Dallas provides a cushioned pad, not the hard wood of Girls Boarding School or the dried peas of Lupus.

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