Louise’s Night of Discipline – NUWEST FCV-002

5 Sep

F/f; year: 1994; time: 25 minutes

Lesbians in the studio; a dominant female has caught her sweet ‘Louise’—-“Think you can cheat on me, huh? And with a man!” Poor Louise is nude, strung up NU-WEST style, a spreader bar keeping her legs where we like them, little bare feet struggling for balance. The camera circles freckled bare pale Louise so that we miss nothing. Her tormentor, Juni, hovers with a whip, we guess the saying is correct—Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…well, we love it. We always enjoy stark nudity in  the barren NU-WEST  studio.

The female whipper uses both the dogwhip and a short whip, tormenting Louise front and back, her breasts, ample bush, her thighs, and of course her all-star NuWest style bottom. No vicious strokes, but nice little red lines appear everywhere. Lots of “Yes, ma’am’s” and “No ma’am’s” come out quickly under the whip.

Our whipper straps on a dildo, none too skillfully, and does some faux rogeuring, front and rear. She penetrates all to easily, but it is sexy and fun. A little resisting struggle with the intruder would have gone a long way here, because it is an impressive critter.

At last, in the best moments, the spreader bar is removed and Louise must stand on tiptoe for a loud whipping of 30 strokes. She is released and hugs her Domina, collapsed on naked knees.

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