5 Sep

M/2f; time: 22 minutes

Two WRENS get whacked; cadets ‘Rosie Thorn’  and ‘Violet Rivers’ as ‘Hawkins’  and ‘Perkins,’  face one of the most comically outfitted officers you will see, a combination of American radio personality Don Imus  and the mad scientist in ‘Back to the Future.” We figure this actor has to be a major investor to get access to the bottoms he gets.

The price for AWOL is spanking, of course. The girls will alternately bend over and kneel for a handspanking, the tawse, a cane, a crop. The spankings are moderate to mild. Hawkins seems to have had a clause in her contract that she would get off the lightest. The only redeeming feature of this simple and repetitive film is the male character, whose costume is either theatrical genius or random chaos.

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