Military Discipline 2002 – CHEEK TO CHEEK

6 Sep

Mf/3f;  time: 50 minutes

Catherine Corbett does it all; she has numerous screen credits and can take a big time spanking if need be, and so has learned to dish it out and love doing it, as she does here, as a melodramatic Army lieutenant with access to the bottoms of two of her girls, RAF trainees ‘Brigham’  and ‘Walters.’

She has them on the carpet for “atrocious apparel,” and Brigham is first to be bent over a chair. “You’re in the Army now.” Skirts up, Corbett gives a very hard handspanking on white panties. Walters is over the chair for the same. They are sent off to change into PT kit.

When they return, they are shown the official Metro spanking slipper, actually a low-cut boat shoe (we’d find actress Vida Garman’s DNA on it). Brigham must bend over a desk, pull her own pants down, for a hard, fast slippering. Same for Walters. Then each girl takes 6 running hits from Corbett, where she runs up from a few paces back to deliver a slashing blow. Silly, but we have low standards. The girls are directed to return at 10 PM. There is a slightly sadistic ting to Corbett’s demeanor.

This time it is the strap over the desk, civilian jeans down and legitimate red bottoms after a few sets. Corbett is enjoying herself and so is the cameraman. Two weeks pass and the girls are in trouble again. They are in blue uniforms and have graduated to the cane. Brigham is over the desk, pants down,  and Corbett delivers 24 crisp strokes–she knows what it is like. It is beautiful. Walters takes the same, only touching toes, and must breathlessly count ’em out. Corbett breaks the skin. The girls then get the yardstick, including some of Corbett’s run-up style.

In the last scene, training camp is over, and the girls have come to say goodbye, but they have got something on Corbett now, having seen her en flagrante with another officer, so they wrestle her over the desk, and all to easily, she takes a bare handspanking. Her trim little figure explains her movie career. Then a faceless male officer appears, a voice from other Metro appearances. The colonel knows all that has transpired; apparently corporal punishment isn’t permitted here, but, uuh, he’ll settle it with some turnabout-is-fair-play. Corbett loses her pants quickly, is first strapped, and then must “fetch the cane”  for a rousing 30 strokes, plus six run-ups, not so stylish as Catherine would have done them. Very sexy, a nicely marked-up target, and lingering closeup ending. Catch it if you can.

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