Naughty Schoolgirls’ Revenge – KANE

6 Sep

MF/3f; year: 1994; time: 54 minutes

Playful vintage George Harrison Marks; two cute blond schoolgirls discover a cache of spanking materials their headmaster/master has hidden. Another woman in the school, attractive enough we hope she earns a bend-over herself, catches the girls and decides this would be a good time to spank the girls herself.

Both girls get loud bare-bottom OTK sessions, despite their protests. The headmaster bursts in. “What’s going on here?” He has stepped into a dream. He sends the girls off with instructions to return to his study that evening. “Don’t whisper a word.” CP is not allowed here.

The female instructor, actually the head prefect, ‘Miss Barrington-Clit,’ if you will, is scolded and knows what’s in store for her. “You had better be ready for me at 6 PM.”

At 6 PM: The headmaster bought the girls’ silence by promising to spank this head prefect. “No one has  ever pulled my pants down,”  she protests, as her moment comes. She is going to get a spanking AND  a caning. OTK; “Lift your skirt right up, please.” Black panties, garters/stockings. He takes her panties down very slowly and she doesn’t at all appreciate the attention her bottom is getting. Tears. Standing, panties at thighs, we admire this plausibly older actress.

Paddle over the desk, gasps; 12 with the cane, slowly. She jumps up in painful protest at 6. She threatens to can HIM someday. That didn’t seem a wise threat to make.

The headmaster goes off to spank the students after one more feel of Miss Clit’s bottom.

We watch long, slow spankings of both girls, lots of fondling from the Head, and the concluding moderate bare bottom caning.

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