Nurses and Schoolgirls – OHHTEEKAY

9 Sep

F/2f; time: 37 minutes

Spankings in the school district; a titillating and entertaining plot we’ve seen before–a school district uses a roving consultant to bring corporal punishment into the homes of the most recalcitrant students. And, typically, a negligent mother will find herself swept into the action also,

Miss Gillian Lancer plays ‘Miss Melly.’ A  blond schoolgirl has been expelled. Her mother, a nurse, tries to spank her but is ineffectual. Melly pays the official call, is disgusted with the disciplinary procedures, and will demonstrate.

She takes the blond actress OTK. “Get your weight off me.” This illustrates the fine art of lap positioning, where the heavier and taller actresses must distribute their bodies to facilitate an effective handspanking. The smaller girls can happily kick and scream to the heavens. Melly has the girl strip to bra and panties and gets her “parcel” of implements from her automobile. She will spank the nurse-mother also. OTK. “Remember this from school?” “Yes, miss.”  Hairbrush,

Schoolgirl back OTK for the hairbrush, while the mother is sent to dig up and put on her old schoolgirl uniform. Looks like Miss Melly has a slightly larger agenda. Melly has a cane, and alternately canes both the mother and the daughter. Typical Ohhteekay, no real damage is done, and there is plenty of time-consuming dialogue.

The girl dresses and leaves for school, but the mother remains bare-bottom, her session not complete. “Now it’s just you and me, here.” More handspanking and caning, sort of a new session altogether. Do not try to follow the logic.

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