9 Sep

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Another whipping for Nicky Montford; this actress has made a number of short CP videos, where she takes memorable and revealing canings and strappings which may defy your comprehension as to severity. Here, she has been caught masturbating and will be spanked on the spot in the hallway.

The familiar disciplinarian Peters makes her stand on a chair. She lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to display the target–she has been spanked recently. He takes her panties from her and hangs them on the newel post of the adjacent staircase, and erotic and subordinating little gesture we always enjoy when performed by spankos who covet the trophy.

“Open your buttocks….wider.” After this inspection she climbs down. “Grip the chair…spread your legs.” He opens her cheeks again, then begins a handspanking. Next he uses a small hard leather paddle.

She stands and strips naked. He slaps her breasts with his paddle–this more than CP, his interest in her. More spanking over the chair, jaybird, various intrusive shots.

With his cane, he taps her nipples and handslaps her stomach and pussy.

Bend-over, touch-toes, “leap wider,” to spread her legs as far as she can. The usual long and amazing caning for Ms. Montford: 8 strokes, a pause, 10 more, rest, a few more. She is dead quiet, there are various angles filmed, and probably repeats. Marks all over her bottom and thighs.

Her tormentor keeps going. More handspanking, more of the cane in a standing position. When she is finished, he makes her squeeze the cane between her buttocks, a long hold, then he spreads oil where it will do the most good.

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