Punishment For Permits – CALSTAR

9 Sep

M/2f; time: 50 minutes

Spanking and immigration reform! Now here is procedure we can support. However, if international borders were currently enforced this way, there would be a big run on bamboo forests. A  British Immigration Officer (IO) , portrayed by an experienced CALSTAR actor we have seen spank  the bejesus out of girls, has got a nifty frosted blonde, ‘Miss Goldsworthy,’ on what should  become a hot seat, because she has abetted another girl in entering the UK illegally. Goldsworthy is to wait outside while the culprit, ‘Samuels,’ is brought in and confronted with her crime. The IO threatens deportation, (“Oh, please!”) but we know, maybe there’s another way to deal with this, here in the office, sort of an English way. Samuels is sent out, and the IO fetches and arrays his spanking implements on the desk. Samuels is recalled–she sees the paddles and straps–her eyes say “Uh, oh.”

The IO takes her OTK and begins handspanking her on her skirt. He isn’t shy for a public official and works her skirt up to continue on black pantyhose. She stands and is ordered to undress. What choice does she have? She is soon standing there in lacy bra and minimal G-string. One could presume she didn’t expect to be taking her clothes off today at Immigration. More handspanking, then kneeling on the couch for the slapper and a tawse. She pulls down her thong, such as it is. The IO fills in gaps with his slapper and especially loves her gluteal crease. Samuels is moved to the desk, giving us glimpses of a cute thatched bush, where she is paddled with a leather bat. On demand, she hands over her bra; then, there follow about 20 strokes of the cane, some repeated, lovely camera angles from rear and side, pendulous neat breasts, etc. with the spanker’s characteristic sawing and feints between sudden strokes. She huffs and sighs, but she is compliant and downright trapped. She is sent off, nude, clothes in a bundle.

Goldsworthy returns. “It’s disgusting, what you did.” Now you’d think she would have more sense than to taunt the IO like that. When the IO suggests an “arrangement,” there is the CALSTAR moment when it dawns on Goldsworthy what is going to happen to her. She starts OTK on her black dress. “Well, two naughty girls in one morning.” We were thinking the same thing. Skirt up, thong down, nice bow-legs give us the gap view. Then she must stand and undress. Looks like it is true she is a blonde. She continues with her muffled complaints while she is back up OTK, bottom-high and beautifully positioned. On her feet, over a chair, for the paddle, and some teardrops. Let’s have the bra–that’s the way we do this. Then comes the cane over the desk, 12 or so. Great rear and side view and a delectable figure. “Stop sniveling.” She is stiffened from her caning and gingerly leaves. Fun video. Blackmailed young ladies with no choice are high on our list.

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