Russian Slaves #70 -Interrogation of Prostitutes #2 – NETTLES

9 Sep

30 minutes

Rough spankings by the police;  a tangled mess of editing and plotline, but sharp punishments of actresses who must have wished their agents had gotten other assignments for them.

The ‘police’  apprehend three girls, who first appear quite naked, then dressed again, manacled, pushed around and interrogated . We await the individual interviews, sure to come.

Blond ‘Dasha’ is first and already in tears as she strips naked. She gets 40 strokes of the cane from actor ‘Jerry Geroshvilli,’ or ‘Sergey,’  the familiar wicked and always severe disciplinarian in most of these Nettles films. Facials, tears, welts, begging, ropes, and all the usual stuff.

Part 2 of the film features another one of the prostitutes, we think it was ‘Vera,’ a very pretty brunette, who must strip down to bra and panties for the police, showing cane marks from not long ago. Jerry helps her off with her bra and panties, thank you very much, and she continues dancing. She is not having fun, nor pretending to, but the police want to know who is the “rat,” so Vera is soon tied to a chair, very Soviet-like, and tortured by having to wear a WW II gas mask, with Jerry manipulating the air supply. She is too relaxed–this could have been a good scene. She confesses something.

Time for the third girl, ‘Masha,’ a long brunette, who is soon taking off her clothes and also dancing for the police, hoping to avoid the inevitable. She is tied lengthwise to a table in the Nettles fashion and given 40 cane strokes, slowly, lots of pained face, gasping, quivering, tears.

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