CC’s Punishment – CALSTAR

10 Sep

F/f; Time: 27 minutes

American spanking, a trifle not worth your time unless you like antique library tables. Miss Gemini is unhappy with one of her students, ‘CC,” who has had some complicity in popping one of her tires.

CC is a very tiny brunette, who looks, well, you need papers on file to do this work. When she won’t confess the name of her accomplice, “Sorry is not good enough any more.”

Mistress Gemini bends her over a huge oak table=–her bottom peeks from beneath a little plaid school skirt. The mistress lays out a collection of paddles and straps and one could be led to believe something is really going to happen here

Little blue panties down, the actress has to fight back facial amusement at these flaccid goings-on. The diaper position for this actress takes on a tad more gravity. Tiny girl big table.

She takes off all her clothes–she looks more like someone delivering newspapers than a CP  actress. Tiny bare body in this large-set room.

Gemini’s sheath of canes portend some promise, but first a doubled belt in the diaper position again, while CC holds a cane between her teeth. The caning which follows wouldn’t pass for a test of tensile strength of a wet paper towel.

Anyway, CC  confesses ‘Cynthia’ helped her. If that means a sequel, we are passing.

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