Humiliation of Jennifer Brooks – NUWEST NWV-214

10 Sep

MF/f; year: 1995; time: 30 minutes

CP queen Jennifer Brooks, early and vintage, when NuWest was still experimenting;  much about this film will amuse you if you followed  NuWest’s development. Jennifer Brooks joins a list of women who went on to form their own CP film companies or careers. Here, she is marched into the empty studio by ‘Karen,’ to face Ed Lee, seated and filming them with his shoulder video camera. “Hello, ladies.”

Both girls are statuesque California-types. Lee will direct Karen through long spanking sessions for Jennifer, another example of Lee’s propensity for voyeuristic depiction. Karen positions a chair–it must be just-so; Jennifer bends and goes OTK. She has long curly blond hair and wears a typical flower-print dress and heels from NuWest wardrobe. Karen lifts her skirt. Pantyhose, so popular with Lee, but no panties. Lee: “Rub her behind to get her ready.”

Karen is directed to spank in short groups with rubbing in between. Here, the spanking stops and Karen repositions the chair, for a different view of Jennifer’s face and bottom. In many future films, multiple cameras were used to permit replication from different angles. But here, our Ms. Brooks just has to take more spanking in order for the angles to be recorded.

She squirms increasingly as time passes. When Jennifer rotates so she faces front and her bottom faces Ed, she sticks out her tongue! At last: “I want you to pull down her pantyhose and give her 20. If she kicks up her legs, give her 20 more.” And here is the wide, perfect, feminine bottom of a girl who would market this asset in the future.

The showgirls stand, Karen cuffs Jennifer’s wrists, and the rope is lowered on its chain, but slowly, with a theatrical dead pause, causing some guffaws. Jennifer is fastened then hauled up slightly. Lee instructs her on how to bend forward and hang on the rope so her buttocks are prominent. Skirt up–when Karen smacks her, Jennifer seems really shocked at this more intense force. Ed explains how to smack, rub, and circle, a style he perpetuated.

This portion concluded, Jennifer is released. The rope is raised with a LOUD clanking of the chain mechanism from off-stage. NuWest did not sophisticate this device for a few years. We were not sure if this crude display was a function of naivete  or droll sarcasm.

Lee directs them to strip to just pantyhose. “Both of us?” The two gorgeous specimens make quite a sight. Karen steps off-camera to get the T-bar, which Jennifer plays puzzled with, claiming “no idea what to do.” When she steps on, bends and grabs, the lightbulb: “OH, MAN.” Karen’s handspanking here is brief, moderate, but very colorful, especially when the pantyhose comes down again.

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