More Barn Whippings – NUWEST FCV-107

10 Sep

M/f; year: 2006; time: 21 minutes

More whipping in Ed Lee’s metal horse barn; Vanna angrily marches a girl to the horse barn. To Ed Lee: “I  want her whipped!” Lee reminds Vanna, “She’s from Croatia. She;s had a hard life.” Funny, we don’t remember much sympathy from him in the past.

Vanna attaches the girl to one of the stalls while Lee, having been convinced, goes to get his whips. Vanna wants her clothes cut off so she can’t wear them again. Lee is the right guy for that, too. A  cheap T-shirt, no bra, blue shorts, no panties, don’t last under his knife. The hefty long-haired brunette is quite naked and ready.

These whippings in the stalls permit filming of the face with the whipper in action in the background. She squeals through Ed’s steady flailing with his dogwhip. She struggles on tip-toes in her sandals. Marks on her back and buttocks. In another scene, we see Vanna slowly bathing her wounds.

A  second whipping–a dark-skinned girl is strung up naked in the middle of the barn, a position we enjoy, because the culprit can twist and twirl. Ed Lee explains in his demonic way, he is going to whip “everything but the kidney area.” Filmed from the front and rear, the girl hollers through the entire procedure. The author Stephen King may have described strange noises in a barn somewhere. These?

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