Whipped Pussies – NUWEST FCV-099

10 Sep

year: 2003; time: 30 minutes

NuWest has to reach for storylines–the title tells it. On the cabana-like deck NuWest often used, probably another part of founder Ed Lee’s house, a girl is strapped down face-up on an exercise bench, legs spread in a gynecological pose, panties still on (but never for long at NuWest).

Lee is strapping her bare thighs and crotch, not viciously, but her bell is ringing and we’re sure she wishes she were somewhere else. To add to the fun, the girl is blindfolded, her knees pulled back and slightly elevated by leather hoists, and her mouth is duct-taped. Her wrists are secured under her at her sides. The pose is an extreme one for NW, possibly a response to the more extreme B&D/CP European competition.

Lee wears one of his denim outfits; he cuts off the girl’s panties with his pocket knife–this time it is sharp enough. Closeups of her intimate stuff. This first section of the film comes as close as we have seen to pure torture at NuWest.

Katie is featured in the second section, receiving another pubic shave, done slowly and in detail by a woman. After this rousing interlude and a fade, we find it is now Katie down on her back on the exercise bench on the deck, for her pussy whipping. Good girl, she doesn’t have to be bound or gagged. After Lee does his thing with her rosy puss, the attending woman helps her up.

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