Office Discipline Pt 2-Correcting Ms. Wright – MISSMARCHMONT

11 Sep

M/f; year: 1995; time: 50 minutes

A film found in several places; here MISSMARCHMONT; we saw another copy originally identified as STRICTLYENGLISH and distributed by KURTSTEVENS.

Payback in the office, man on girl; a straightforward session we found extremely erotic. A male office manager survives being passed over for promotion by his associate Ms. Wright and is then assigned to a parent company. He is going to deal with this insouciant Ms. Wright here and now. It is widely known she spanks her female associates to induce performance, so he will give her the same medicine, here on her own desk, with the same tools.

Wright is played by Tiffany Jones, in long-braided brunette hair, dressed conservatively in a dark professional suit, and of a mature yet sexy demeanor. At first she is defiant and cocky about her situation, therefore all the more spankable, but she gradually melts into compliance and submission as her venal juices overcome her hostility.

If you’ve got an eye on a tight skirt around your office, Miss Marchmont has constructed your fantasy. To Wright: “You’re going to get it in spades.” She bends over the desk and pulls up her skirt to expose black panties and garter belt. She submits passively to a plausible and vigorous handspanking and is allowed to “have a rub.”  “I wonder how many times you have had your girls in this position and wished you were in their position.” More and more “yes, sirs,” flow from Wright.

“Stand up. Take that suit off.” He clears her desk. Wright strips to a beige blouse long enough to cover the important stuff for the moment. She climbs up and lies lengthwise on the empty desk, without a suggestion of protest. He strikes hard with a short tawse. Those knickers are still in place. Then a longer strap. “Do you get good results with this one?” “…yes, sir.” He fondles her bottom between sets, and Wright wriggles and postures in response.

Another strap from her office collection. “Does this get results?” She opens her legs reflexively when he fondles. Another strap; closeups between her legs. Sets with the strap; rubbing.

“Let’s lose that blouse.” She is down to all-black matching undies. She kneels on the desk now, head low, for a martinet. A  thin and elegantly put together lady is Miss Jones.

Off the desk and bent over again. The boss has a very thick cane. Wright sees it and shivers a little and goes dead quiet. He lays on almost 30 strokes, she spreads her legs dramatically. It is a long and slow caning–the knickers never come down, but her buttocks are mostly bare. After all, this is an office! He saws and fondles–there are no real marks. His future is set, despite her seniority. She has gone along with this. “Report to my office on Monday.”

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