The Crying Women – NUWEST NWV-232

11 Sep

M/2f; year: 1997; time: 26 minutes.

Spanking/crying episodes. Excerpts from early straightforward Ed Lee handspankings or paddlings, where he smacks until he gets tears from his poor victims.

A tall very pretty blonde is first, OTK, about to be paddled, and begging for mercy, “Please, Mr. Lee, puleeze.” He forces her to admit:  “I’m here for my punishment.” What did she expect would happen here?  She wears conventional skirt and blouse, an oblique angle on the scene. Silly bawling.

Lee rucks up the skirt, and as part of his interpretation of his spanking film fetish, the girl must wear complicated undergarments–a half-slip, girdle, stockings, and panties. He spanks through these layers–the girl’s face is wet and streaked. At the conclusion, she stands, crying, to rub, maybe not as grateful as she should be she was permitted to retain her panties.

Katie is featured in the second episode, wearing a simple black knit dress. “I told you I  would spank you until you cried.” OTK, the same complicated girdle outfit, but this time Lee gets her down to bare skin, with the closeups she always gets. Her face is soaked with tears and she drips saliva in her agony, and this (acting) from a model who has and will be taking every degree of corporal punishment Lee can conjure. It will take a great deal more than this to generate tears in later years.

Katie is \

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