Illegal Downloads – PAIN4FEM

12 Sep

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 49 minutes

Playful try at whimsy from normally severe Pain4Fem; slightly on the mild side. We usually find Pain4Fem’s work a bit harsh and short on humor, in our strictly amateur personal opinion. Some if their institutional settings do have a sardonic flavor.

Exterior shots of a monastic scene. Schoolgirls ‘Petra’ (the voluptuous actress Kelly) and ‘Claudia’ (actress Nicola) are caught downloading music and areĀ blackmailed into receiving clandestine unauthorized corporal punishment in the attic of their school, by a headmistress and another teacher, whose mischievous ideas suggest the spankings will provide some thrill for them.

P4F specializes in tension and suspense. The women find and prepare the Rigid East-style spanking bench stored in the attic, as well as the collection of paddles, straps, and canes. The Director even plans to soak the canes overnight, clearly reveling in the maneuver they intend to pull off. The next day, after the threats and time for the girls to ponder their fate, they sign waivers and the column of the condemned winds up the spiral stairs to the chamber of business.

The Director first handspanks the girls OTK, their micro plaid school skirts thrown up and white panties lowered. Mild stuff, but two great bottoms, and spankings in an attic, for those of us who have fancied spanking a girl or two in one or another attic. Some time with Kelly in an attic would be memorable stuff.

The girls are alternately bent over the bench for a leather strapping. The Director lowers their panties herself with undisguised glee.

Both girls are made to strip naked, delicious illicit stuff among the eaves and low ceiling in the attic! Completely unnecessary but terrific humiliation and beautifully filmed. Kelly is centerfold material–all body.

Claudia is strapped down to the bench first. A closeup as she loses control and pees on the floor. Over 30 moderate cane strokes. The Director uses an aerosol spray on her bottom and she is released. The pneumatic Kelly is fastened down and receives about 30 strokes. A distant external shot of the architectural tower at the school as she cries out on the bench is featured here. Her bottom is sprayed and she is released.

The film ends with three minutes of repeats of the highlights for each actress, including closeups of “day-later” black-and-blue bottoms.

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